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7 Overlooked Precautions for Publishing a WeChat Mini Program

source from: internalpublish date: 2023年6月14日

Nova Software has rich experience in small program development and has summarized the following easy-to-overlook considerations for everyone's reference.


When a customer comes with a demand, try to understand which category the mini-program belongs to. 

Some categories have stricter reviews. Avoid the situation where the development is completed but can't go online, which may result in loss for both the customer and the company. For example, e-commerce platforms, financial and food categories require relevant qualification certificates and business licenses. Overseas subjects have more restrictions in terms of classification for launching.

Submit the review as early as possible. Submit for review after completing the development of core functions or main functions. 

If it is rejected at this stage, you can promptly handle the feedback of the review staff and solve the problem in time to meet the conditions for going online. Many customers have requirements for the launch time. If the review passes after submitting the version as early as possible, you can keep a version that can be launched in case of emergency. Mini-program review usually takes 2-3 working days. If it takes too long, you can consult official customer service.

Determine the name and logo of the mini-program as early as possible. 

Most customers hope that the name of the mini-program meets certain requirements. A good name can be easily searched and promoted. However, the mini-program name usually cannot contain generic industry and commonly used keywords. The name cannot involve trademarks that have been registered by others. If it is your own trademark, you need to provide the corresponding text for review.

Read the official documents carefully. 

After the review is rejected, the review staff will not explain too much. Usually, they will simply send a link to a document or an unclear screenshot. You need to carefully read the content of the official documents to understand the specific problem.

There can only be one version of code being reviewed at a time. 

Submitting again will overwrite the original version and restart the review cycle. If the code submitted for review has not been reviewedwithin a certain period of time (usually 30 days), it will be automatically deleted by the system. Therefore, it is recommended to communicate with the review staff in advance to avoid unnecessary delays and loss of progress.

Pay attention to the template used in the mini-program. 

Different templates have different functions and restrictions, and some templates may not be suitable for certain categories or functions. Before choosing a template, it is necessary to carefully read the template description and understand its features and limitations.

Provide complete and authentic information. 

When submitting the mini-program for review, the relevant information such as the business scope and contact information should be complete and authentic. If there is false information or incomplete information, it may lead to rejection or revocation of the review qualification.

Follow the development guidelines. 

The mini-program development guidelines provided by the platform should be strictly followed to ensure the quality and stability of the launched mini-program. Any violation of the guidelines may affect the review and launch of the mini-program.

In summary, launching a mini-program requires careful planning, communication, and adherence to relevant guidelines and regulations. By taking these measures, the launch process can be smoother, the review process can be accelerated, and the launched mini-program can better serve the needs of customers and users.



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