Mini Program

We have rich experience in developing mini apps, and are willing to work with you to boost your business. If you have any need, contact us.
Mini Program Scenarios

Support OEM labeling

We provide source code for secondary development, saving your time and money.

Professional UI design

We have professional UI/UX design, making beautiful and user-friendly apps to boost your business.

Technical team

We are experts in mini application development and guarantee efficient and high quality delivery.

Ten million user base

we have rich project experience in mini program, and will make sure you are satisfied with our service.
Case Studies

Zhongmin Ear, Nose and Throat Consultation and Referral Platform

Provides consultation and referral for doctors and patients in the district and county, and the platform brings users and benefits

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New Oriental Teacher Evaluation System

Due to the tremendous workload pressure of its growing business, the client urgently needed a complete information technology solution to solve its immediate needs.

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Chongqing Industrial Products Information Network: A complete range of hardware products to meet all your purchasing needs

Use WeChat applet to promote a significant increase in sales

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Answering popular questions about mini program
What mini program service do you provid?

In China, Wechat mini programs are used by most users, we also provide other mini apps service such as enterprise WeChat, Allipay Applet etc.

Why do people choose mini apps?

There are several reasons why people may choose mini apps over traditional apps:

1. Convenience: Mini apps can be accessed directly within another app or platform, eliminating the need to download a separate app.

2. Storage space: Mini apps typically take up less storage space on a user's device compared to traditional apps.

3. Speed: Mini apps often load faster than traditional apps since they don't have to be downloaded or installed.

4. Functionality: Mini apps are designed to perform specific tasks, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

5. Cost: Mini apps are often free or require minimal payment compared to traditional apps, which may require a one-time or recurring fee.

6. Security: Since mini apps are hosted within a larger platform, they may be more secure than traditional apps, which can be vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks.

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