Nova product: Cloud Repair Management System

By independently developing its own automotive repair management system, Nuo Hui has accumulated extensive development experience, enabling it to provide customers with more professional product development and software development services.

Product Introduction


In years of software outsourcing, Nova also independently developed a set of automotive repair management software to assist auto repair shops in providing a complete solution. 


Accumulating software development experience during the product creation process and then applying it to software outsourcing can better help clients think from the perspective of users and the market, thereby enhancing output.

New Media Marketing System

Leveraging the various advantages of WeChat, this system conducts new media marketing to rapidly promote your brand and communicate it to a wider base of new car owners.

Process Management System

From pre-sales to post-sales, this system manages the repair business processes, enhancing the company's service response speed to customers and improving internal work efficiency.

Inventory Management System

Achieve precise inventory management and warehouse control, with strict auditing and inventory checks, as well as intelligent alerts for stock warnings.

Customer Relationship Management System

Manage customer relationships and build trust through timely interaction, creating a positive cycle of customer feedback and service.


Answering frequently asked questions about mobile application development services
What have you accumulated in this process?

There is a significant difference between developing software products and undertaking projects. Projects focus heavily on delivery, whereas products are more centered on delivering value. Therefore, we frequently release updates to ensure that what we do has commercial value.

How do you confirm the requirements?

We convey the requirements through reviewed prototypes and requirement documents, and subsequent stages such as testing and development can provide feedback and make corrections to the requirements.

How do you decide which requirements to tackle first?

All requirements are placed in a requirement pool, and we select those that offer greater value to work on first.

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