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Quality Summary

Having been in the software outsourcing industry for years and cooperated with so many customers all over the world, we DO understand what our customers are aspiring after is the excellent quality of their outsourced projects. Furthermore we have realized that quality is not only the quality of our deliverables but also other things such as the quality of project process, project management, after-sales service, and support after the final delivery, the cooperation quality, etc.

Product Quality is the ultimate goal for a project and the foundation of long-term business relationship. We have been doing our best to produce the highest product quality. The measures we have adopted are:

Efficient Process: quality assurance is not only a task for testing phase, but also for the whole development lifecycle. Nova has built an efficient process to ensure the product quality at each stage.

Progress Control: The ultimate purpose of progress control is to ensure that the project can be delivered to customer in time and with high quality. During these years, Nova have founded her own progress control methodology which is an efficient, repeatable and suitable method to be applied in most projects.

Team Work: quality assurance isn’t only the responsibility of testers or someone else but every team member involved in the project including the client.

QA Team: a professional QA team is the powerful backbone for the product quality. Because of their effort and strict standard on quality these years, 94% projects we have undertaken through these years have been successfully completed.

QA Methodology: quality Assurance is a systematic process, Nova’s QA methodology is used to strictly verify the quality of the team’s output on a continuous basis throughout the entire development lifecycle.

Smooth cooperation with clients is crucial for the final success of project. Thus to some extent, cooperation quality is one of the strongest assurances that the project can be accomplished with high quality on time.

Transparent Cooperation: Trying every shift available to keep the whole process of our cooperation, the status of our work, the progress of the project, and the problems of development as transparent as possible to each client, Nova is longing to be the most reliable offshore partner for you.

Communication: effective communication with customers is essential to deliver the high quality services and reach our clients' expectations.

In order to increase customer satisfaction, you will get the whole company’s support no matter your project team is big or small.

Inspection Team is an in-house management team to assist our clients to inspect and guarantee the standard of project workflow and management, the project teams’ work efficiency, project progress and the quality of output. The inspection team consists of all the most experienced developers and technical experts in our company.

Company Policies: Nova has established some efficient and wise policies to ensure product quality and improve customers’ satisfaction, e.g. the coding conventions, policies to ensure the availability of resources, etc.

Furthermore, Nova has been using many practices in terms of project management, development technology and quality assurance these years. Finally, by practice and summarization, we got the best practices which suit our best. You may click these links to know them in detail: