Nova product: Cloud Property Management System

Nova Software has spent 8 years developing a set of property management systems, suitable for various businesses such as residential communities, commercial properties, hospitals, and schools. It has comprehensive functions including billing processes, work order processes, smart IoT integration, etc.

Property Management System

Comprehensive digital and intelligent property management Help enterprises maximize cost savings and efficiency

Intelligent IoT system

Diversified hardware docking, integration of hardware devices Break the information silo of devices and achieve intelligent interconnection

Community management system

Convenient value-added services for the community Enrich the community life and enhance user happiness

Community mall system

Transform the after-sales service model into a life consumption dividend model, Easily achieve commercial monetization

Park property system

Resources, office, investment, finance Intelligent management + intelligent hardware docking, comprehensively build a smart park

Parking lot management system

Parking management system + intelligent hardware docking Provide an integrated solution for smart parking

Intelligent access control management system

Property monitoring system

Smart energy consumption

Integration of elevator control system

Integration of smart charging station system

Integration of smart home control system

Integration of smart parking fee system

Integration of smart community security system

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