Free trial, risk-free

1 weeks' free trial before long-term engagement. Share with us a specific requirement such as a module or a small function . You’ll then be able to try our services risk-free for one week to learn about our working model, all before contract signing.

Why Free Trial Important

Most Efficient

Feel around the most efficient working procedure with an outsourcing vendor

Gauge Precisely

Gauge precisely our technical capability, efficiency and language skills

Save Time

Save much time on preliminary evaluation

Reduce Risk

No risk of choosing the wrong vendor which seems to be so good

Loyal Partners

Ultimately find the right long-term vendor

The purpose of free trial


For the developer


  1. Develop a software feature.
  2. Understand specific project requirements, expectations, and the work they need to do Our business analyst will help you write out a specification based on the idea you provide. Later we will work out an estimate based on this specification for your evaluation.
  3. Get to know the customer, their pain points, understand their technical challenges, business needs, and objectives.
  4. Provide a first-hand experience of what cooperation with Nova looks like.
  5. Devise a clear goal and a roadmap to reach that goal.


For the customer


  1. Eliminate inherent risks present when looking for a software development partner – not the right fit, not having the necessary knowledge, completely different practices, irreconcilable differences in culture, and many others.
  2. Get results in the form of new software feature or new knowledge and understanding, especially if they didn’t work with dedicated developers in the past Our business analyst will help you write out a specification based on the idea you provide. Later we will work out an estimate based on this specification for your evaluation.
  3. Explore potential outcomes for their software product.
  4. Have clear expectations and share them with the developer.


Directly communicate with the candidate developers and assign them specific tasks.


Get progress on daily basis by email and discuss any questions over email or instant messengers.


Learn more about our communication efficiency, code quality, and delivery capability.


Formulate a way of working that best suits both sides.

Technology Stack We Use

Our dedicated developers provide you the quality you need and the flexibility you want using the following tech stacks
.net core
Mobile app
android studio
Java Springboot

Our Services

We provide exclusive services for your business
Web Development
Nova Software is a leading Web Development Company in China. We provide professional Offshore Web Application Development to clients all over the world. Since 2005, Nova Software has been helping many leading companies achieve their commercial goals they aim at online.
Mobile App Development
As experts in mobile application development, we have developed many successful apps for different industries. Our aim is to deliver custom, cost-effective and high-performance mobile applications for clients with the hope that we can bring true values to their business.
Product Development
Nova Software has a well-defined and mature product development process which comprises the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from business case analysis to warranty support of the product.
Our business analyst will be able to assist you in translating your business logic into professional technical requirements specification.
Our testing service will minimize the cost of customer support - and maximize the customer satisfaction by catching and fixing all bugs and defects prior to your software goes to final consumers.
As our eCommerce developers have extensive experience with nopCommerce, Java Springboot, Kentico and Sitefinity, we know their respective advantages and we know how to build the best and most appropriate web shop for you.

Free Trial Offer : Terms & Conditions


  1. To qualify for the free trial the client must have at least 3 man-months of work for a single type of resource. We reserve the right to evaluate whether the free trial offer is applicable to your case.
  2. Free trial is not applicable in case the client is hiring the developer following their own technical selection process such as interviews, machine tests, etc.
  3. Under the terms of this Free Trial Offer (“the Offer”), Nova  will provide a maximum of one (1) Profile, such as software developers, designers, or QA engineers necessary for developing mobile or web applications.
  4. The Offer is limited to companies that are not our current clients and is limited to one offer per client.
  5. During the Free Trial Period, Nova assigns to the Client, exclusively and definitively, all rights necessary for the exploitation of the Deliverables and source codes.
  6. The Free Trial Period represents seven (7) calendar days from the start date of a project which typically represents forty (40) hours of work.
  7. During the Free Trial Period, the Client may cancel at any time with a 1-business day prior notice sent by email.
  8. Following the Free Trial Period should the Client request any changes in the number, type, or level of Profiles defined in the Free Trial agreement, Nova may, at its sole discretion, choose to require execution of a new contract covering these changes.


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