Electron Development Service

If you need Electron technology services, we have extensive experience to assist you in achieving code reuse across multiple platforms at a low cost and high quality.

Cross-platform programs using Electron.


Electron is based on Chromium and Node.js and can be used to build applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, enabling the creation of applications for all three platforms.

In terms of development costs, using popular Web technologies for development and being able to use modules from the large NodeJS ecosystem within Electron reduces the time and effort spent on development and is cost-effective compared to native development.

Nova have rich experience in Electron development, for more information, please contact us.

Electron Strength

Using Electron as a cross-platform technology has many advantages.
User's Perspective
From a user perspective, a client is a standalone software application that typically provides a better overall experience than a website, especially for applications related to "tools." Additionally, specific user groups may have similar usage habits.
Publisher's perspective
From a publisher's perspective, a client is another form of product that serves as a distribution method and entry point. Clients can provide many features unique to local applications and deliver more reliable services.
Developer's Perspective
From a developer's perspective, using Electron technology can save development time. A single codebase can be used on multiple platforms, which is advantageous for maintaining code quality and controlling costs.

We Always Try To Understand Users' Expectation

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Business Model

We offer flexible business model, so as your product scales and matures, you can choose bussiness model that fits you best.
Long-term contract
Turn Nova developers into an extension of client's local team, or build up a steady product development team (known as ODC).
Time & Material
The essential idea of this model is, the project cost is a function of the project execution time and the resources deployed.
Fixed bid
Under this model, cost and timeline will be pre-estimated, and a lucid project plan will be drafted.


"......But these guys (from another company) were not very helpful and they charged us too much money for doing very little... and very slow. Not like your company which is excellent and very quick."

High Quality

"I have today done extensive testing on our local/test environment, and plan to publish these changes to the production server and further test them there. However, so far, all tests are good. The work is excellent."


"You're the best developer we've worked with in many years! Very much appreciated!"


"It was a pleasure working with your very professional team and I look forward to working with you again in the future! I will be sure to recommend your exellent skills and services to my business partners."
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