CRM System for Metal Exchange Agency Case Study








The client is a big metal exchange agency, with branch offices distributed in four provinces of China. All customer data and business data are on a platform which our client is not authorized to manage directly. But our client is able to download their data from the platform. The system is aimed to helps our client manage, analyze and calculate these downloaded data, in order to keep a better company with customers, to improve sales performance, to calculate staff commission and to make decisions more wisely.


  1. The system is able to import downloaded data from the metal exchange platform;
  2. The system should have strict date access control.
  3. Customer profile and business data should be distributed to different branch offices, departments and customer managers though the original data doesn’t.
  4. Customer managers are able to manage customer profile and business data, and also able to calculate business data.
  5. Customer rating can be automatically done according to business data;
  6. Customer managers are able to make client communication plan according to pre-set rules, and keep a record on the system.
  7. The accountants can easily calculated the commissions of different branch offices, departments or customer managers.


  1. MVC 4.0
  2. CodeFirst
  3. JS, JQuery
  4. Html, CSS
  5. MySQL

Benefit to the client

imageBenefit to the client
  1. The system has fulfilled all the requirement and is now in use by all branch offices.
  2. Through timely customer profile update, auto customer rating and customer communication plan and recording, our client gained a better relationship with its customers and at the same time get a promotion in its sales performance.
  3. The system gives customer managers a better access to get and calculate business data, which improves their work efficiency.
  4. The financial report makes it easier and more precise for accountant to calculate commission;

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