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Customer Profile:
Chongqing Huayu Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huayu Group) was officially established in 1995. It is a global large-scale diversified comprehensive urban operation group integrating real estate, commercial, financial, construction, property and overseas companies. Huayu Group is honored with the Chinese Famous Trademark, China Construction Bank AAA Credit Enterprise, China Real Estate Integrity Enterprise, China Top 100 Real Estate Enterprise, China Top 500 Private Enterprise, China Top 500 Service Enterprise, China Top 20 Real Estate Brand Value, and China Top 50 Property Management Enterprise Brand Value. Huayu Group has the national first-class real estate group qualifications, first-class construction qualifications, and first-class property service qualifications. It is the vice chairman unit of China Real Estate Industry Association and China Property Management Association.


imageCustomer Demands

In response to the above situation, Huayu Group needs to establish its own data management platform to classify, archive, authorize, and protect data according to different projects.


Our solution
imageDemand 1: Realize the data management platform

Demand 1: Realize the data management platform
Solution: The management platform mainly realizes functions such as storing data, displaying data, and statistics data.
To realize the storage of data, the system uses Alibaba Cloud's OSS platform. Firstly, the classification and label of data are established in the platform. Then, the project companies upload the data to the corresponding category and tag the data accordingly. Some data have larger files (such as high-definition promotional animation), and the system stores two copies for different scenarios, one for the original file and the other for the compressed file (used for preview playback).
To realize the display of data, the system displays various types of data under the project in different ways. The data provides two categories of operations: preview and download. Preview is generally used to preview parts or compressed contents. For example, images can be previewed by clicking on small images (compressed), videos can be played by clicking on the thumbnail video, and text data (doc, pdf, etc.) can preview part of the content of the file. Download is used to download the original file.
To realize data statistics, we use dimensions such as sections, regions, projects, categories, and data timeliness to obtain multiple aspects of data statistics. For example, for design-related data, there is no time requirement, so we only counted the number of design-related data. For financial statement data, it has timeliness (monthly report required), and we count it by time.

imageDemand 2: Authorize and protect data

Demand 2: Authorize and protect data
Solution: Customize and extend the authorization function of Huayu's user system EHR to meet the customer's usage scenarios.
Because Huayu's user system is managed by their EHR system, it is not necessary to develop a separate user management system for this project. However, these data are Huayu's important data and need to be authorized and protected. Therefore, we have specially developed a set of user authorization systems (Common) to manage user permissions. This forms the following mode: EHR system manages the basic information of personnel, and Common system manages the user's permissions (Common system can manage the permissions of all systems we develop, not just the knowledge base system).
In the Common system, user behavior is controlled through the structure of user-role-permission. Permission can be controlled to the button level on the page.




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