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imageCustomer information

The client company is located in Chenjiaping, the largest hardware wholesale trading area in Chongqing. Chongqing Work Products Information Network focuses on providing the most comprehensive catalog of hardware products supply information for merchants and buyers. We showcase the hottest and most favorable price channels for our C-side customers, while attracting quality customers for our B-side customers, offering one-stop sales and providing back-end systems for product management, sales management, financial statistics, logistics support and tracking services.

imageCustomer demands

The client expects to build a wholesale and retail trading platform for the hardware industry.
Any business or individual can register as a buyer or seller
Buyers and sellers can bargain and modify the order price online
Merchants can forward other merchants' products with one click and set price fluctuation
Support bulk import of products and product images and other information


Our solution
imageProject Challenges

Customer needs are not clear and ideas are not specific enough
The product data volume is huge, there are millions of products, storage and search are two major problems
The project duration is short and urgent

Challenge: The project requirements were not clear and the work was more difficult to carry out
Solution: A special product manager was arranged to conduct in-depth analysis and research, and communicate with the client to confirm the prototype while drawing it, and the requirements were refined after several rounds of prototype communication and confirmation, so that the next development work could proceed more smoothly.

Challenge: The product data volume is huge, with millions of products, storage and search are two major problems;
Solution: Optimized the storage method of images to save storage space, and used Elastic Search to achieve a split-word search to improve search efficiency.

Challenge: Short project duration and need to be urgent;
Solution: Adopt the development method of separating front-end and back-end, so that the development work of front-end and back-end developers can be done in parallel, and at the same time arrange reasonable overtime to make the project go live on time.

imageCustomer Value

On-time deployment on line, attracting and signing up a large number of hardware merchants to the site;
Provided great convenience for purchasers;
The platform merchants' product information can be managed in a unified way, and the product sales can be counted and queried.
Using the data analysis function of the background to quickly obtain the most competitive product prices of all merchants on the platform and push them to the front-end display to attract customers
The improvement of performance;
The improvement of the number of users;
and so on;




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