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Provides consultation and referral for doctors and patients in the district and county, and the platform brings users and benefits.


imageCustomer information

Chongqing Zhongmin Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital is located at No. 19 Yuzhou Road, Shiqiaopu, Jiulongpo District, with a construction area of about 10,000㎡ and more than 200 beds open in the first phase, and is the first ear, nose and throat specialist hospital in Chongqing approved by Chongqing Municipal Health Planning Commission according to tertiary standards. With strong expert resources and technical strength, it has become a member hospital of Chongqing People's Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat Group, a two-way referral hospital of Chongqing People's Hospital, a cooperative hospital of Meridian Health, a direct hospital of Jiulongpo District Federation of Industry and Commerce, a cooperative hospital of Qiyin Hearing and Speech Training of Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, and a strategic cooperative hospital of Chongqing TV Station.

imageCustomer demands

The school's teaching locations cover many main urban areas in Chongqing such as Shapingba, Jiangbei, Yangjiaping, Jiefangbei, University City, Beibei, Yubei, Nanping, Dadukou, etc., providing convenience for the majority of young students and people from all walks of life to attend, and has successfully trained hundreds of thousands of students from all over the country.

However, because of the expansion of its business scale, the workload of personnel recruitment and new teacher evaluation has become increasingly huge, and the following drawbacks exist in the traditional manual operation method:

- Inefficiency

- High error rate

- Low accuracy

- Inability to accurately control details


Our solution
imageProject Challenges

Business requirements
The hospital has strong experts and treatment level, but the visibility is not high enough, and hopes to achieve brand promotion through the small program.
Many district and county doctors in Chongqing receive patients who cannot be treated and can be recommended to the hospital through the applet platform, and the doctors can get consumption points, while the district and county doctors can pay attention to the diagnosis and treatment of patients through the platform.
Patients can pay their bills through the platform, view their consultation records and results, evaluate or complain about the hospital and doctors, etc.
Patients can upgrade to become members and also recommend other patients to visit the hospital and also earn consumption points.
Challenges & Solutions
Challenge: The project was on a tight schedule; due to business needs, the client required the development and launch to be completed within two months.
Solution: Through the company's coordination of resources, the development plan and testing plan were reasonably arranged and strictly executed, and the project was finally submitted and launched on time.

Challenge: The client only verbally described the business and the idea and the effect they wanted to achieve, without forming a requirement document, and the process was not clear enough.
Solution: After several rounds of communication with the client, the project manager made a corresponding solution and designed a process for the client's idea, which was finally approved by the client and formed a detailed requirement specification.

Challenge: The project development used the latest frameworks and technologies, such as ASP.NET CORE, React JS, new applet framework, etc.;
Solution: The developers were allowed to carry out the corresponding technical reserve in advance before the project started, and the technical difficulties were solved as a priority in the early stage of the project to ensure that all the later development could proceed smoothly, and the project was finally submitted and launched on time.

imageCustomer Value

Get an effective small program promotion channel
WeChat applets are very popular nowadays, users search for them in WeChat or through nearby applets, and they can also be seamlessly integrated with public numbers, so applets provide a good promotion channel;

Access to more patient sources
Increase the source of patients in the district and county through consultation and referral, and promote members and patients to refer other patients through the membership mechanism.

Convenience for patients
Patients can learn about specialists directly through the applet and make appointments directly with the right doctor for them, so they don't have to make a wrong trip; at the same time, they can pay online and the treatment cost is transparent, which increases their favorability to the hospital.

Improve internal work efficiency
Hospital customer service staff can track patient treatment through the background, and make return visits after discharge to improve work efficiency and patient satisfaction; marketing staff can promote and statistics through the background; financial staff can report statistics through the background; system management can manage data and system maintenance through the background.

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