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For its partial business and part of its clients that has very special need, Sam Consulting Services Ltd, Chongqing would like to provide a one-station service for DIY immigration with an online system, which covers only SAM staff, immigrants candidate and other associated immigration consultancy. Up to now, the system has been officially launched, and can satisfy immigration of marriage and family migration management, and customer self-service operations of the immigration process. With its responsive design, the project has only one site, and mainly for immigrant users.


imagePolicy factors

In the beginning, we knew nothing about immigration service and the immigration policy of US. But understanding immigration service and policy of US is a mandatory for this project development. Thus, this became the greatest challenge right after we started the project;

imageUnclear project specifications

The project has the feature of being very sophisticated, complicated and multi-interaction.  Some part is not very clear and even the client himself does not have the very clear panorama for it, though the contact wrote a very specific spec;

image Third party issues

The system requires large PDF forms to be created and handled. The PDF generation encountered many tricky issues and the PDF plugin cannot be very flexible as it comes from the third party;

imageClient requires

Client requires nice scalability and easy-to-use feature for the system;

imageWebsite maintenance

The immigration forms that are continuously updating and the maintenance of the website also require high;


imageProject Plan

Regarding the challenge above, from prototype to project sign off, Nova has built a 6-member team, including 1 QA and 1 designer. From the very beginning, Nova worked out the complete iteration plan and milestone for the project. In the following development, when a milestone has been achieved, Nova will inform the client for testing. 

imageGood Communication

1) Through various different ways, including IM discussion, on-site conference, correspondences, prototype confirmation, document records and so on, Nova team large frequently communicate with the client for the requirement and carefully understanding the requirement to avoid the misunderstanding most. During the development, the daily questions to the requirement will be rectified and confirmed again with client face-to-face, by a separate discussion group. 

2) With Axure RP, we quickly made the prototype simple and easy to understand, with no misunderstand for work scope. This saved the requirement clarification very much and let us focuses on project development more.

3) Summarize the complicated requirement and business logic systematically on the OneNote, which was shared to each team member to discuss easily.

imageAgile Development

1) During development, strictly based on prototype to develop iteration by iteration and with several milestones;

2) Verify if each milestone meets the client’s need to make the project in the right track;

3) In the beginning, we often have on-site communication with client and we leveraged this much for requirement clarification and solution confirmation.

4) For the uncertain logic that neither of us is clear, we would discuss it in depth, in a project-oriented way;

5) Use OneNote to record and update all of the requirements and changes, which can be shared for the team and the client both;

6) For the ambiguous details, even though we know in general how to deal with, still confirm with the client, avoiding the potential risks;

7) Towards the end of the project, we wrote user manuals, avoiding client’s worry for the configuration;


The full-time QA is involved for the project testing for the better quality. The first around is by PM, recorded with OneNote. The second around is by full-time tester, with Mantis for bug management. 


imageimprove work efficiency

The success of this project considerably improved client’s working and management efficiency;



imageReduce management costs

The success of completing, delivering, deploying, launching and running the project on time greatly reduced the management cost for the client;


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imageExpand business areas

Expanded the client's business area farther to South-East Asia, Latin America and other countries and regions of the world;

What Client Say

I am very satisfied with your working attitude, project schedule and communication
He says

Though you are lack of immigration experience, but we work together happily. For the later project, I will clarify it soon and share it with you for our future cooperation.

He says

I am willing to be very active to respond you from the very beginning to the project sign off;

He says

Very satisfied with the project quality. I can fully trust and rely on your team;

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