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Due to the tremendous workload pressure of its growing business, the client urgently needed a complete information technology solution to solve its immediate needs.


imageCustomer information

New Oriental Chongqing School was incorporated on September 25, 2003, and is the tenth branch of the New Oriental Education and Technology Group. From its inception, it has been focusing on foreign language training, and has now developed into a famous comprehensive tutoring and training school, covering five major categories, such as domestic and international English exams, practical English, all-round training for children, and all-round training for secondary schools, mainly TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT (American High School Admission Test), SSAT, BEC, CET4, CET6, Professional Grade 4, Graduate School, Intermediate and Advanced Interpretation, New Concept, English for Foreigners, Listening and Speaking, Listening and Speaking Special Training, Vocational English, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing, Secondary School Training, POP Children's Training, VIP, Corporate Training, etc.

imageCustomer demands

The school's teaching locations cover many main urban areas in Chongqing such as Shapingba, Jiangbei, Yangjiaping, Jiefangbei, University City, Beibei, Yubei, Nanping, Dadukou, etc., providing convenience for the majority of young students and people from all walks of life to attend, and has successfully trained hundreds of thousands of students from all over the country.

However, because of the expansion of its business scale, the workload of personnel recruitment and new teacher evaluation has become increasingly huge, and the following drawbacks exist in the traditional manual operation method:

- Inefficiency

- High error rate

- Low accuracy

- Inability to accurately control details


Our solution
imageProject Challenges

1. tight schedule and low budget

2. Unclear project requirements, difficult to start work

3. the client is not professional enough in project management, no technical background

4. there are many roles in the project, and the functions and relationships are more complex. All roles share one client, but each role has different functional authority and different functional interfaces to be displayed.


1. In the face of the very short schedule, we iterative development, first do the most important features for the customer to use first, in the actual use of the problem, and then according to the project development progress at any time to adjust. And the use of popular, mature open-source framework to greatly save labor and time costs.

2. the requirements section using guidance techniques, joint project managers meeting review, prototype drawing and other methods to help customers organize requirements. And use our rich experience in online training assessment system to give customers advice.

3. by making our internal communication and weekly project development process transparent, the client can easily understand the project progress and how to cooperate with the development team to complete the work even if they do not have relevant professional background; frequent interviews with the client, confirming with the client at each stage of the project development and making suggestions, so that the client can "see" the final result of the project before it is delivered. We have a background in working with European and American clients to fully understand the needs of our clients and make many suggestions based on their specific situations.

4. frequent meetings with the client, together with the client to clarify the attributes of each role, the functions, the interface to be displayed, and the network of relationships between the roles in the business process.

5. The mobile terminal initialized different functional interfaces to the users by the user type obtained after login.

Benefits to the Client


Why Nova


The developers have rich project experience and can better complete the assigned development work.


Nova is a professional software development company with standardized project service experience.


Comparing with local related development, the client saved 60%.

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