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Shenlaizui, a new spirit brand presented by the famous Kweichow Moutai group, came to the market in 2016. Within just a half year, Shenlaizui has established its sales channel in major provinces in China. Now it has more than 1000 franchisers all over China.

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Maotai eCommerce application development
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Maotai eCommerce application development

Why chose Nova?

Shenlaizui invited five software companies to join the bidding process. After the first round of selection, three companies were asked to provide quote and solution. Our comprehensive solution proposal and rich development experience impressed Shenlaizui. Finally Shenlaizui decided to go with Nova out of a few consideration:
imageStrong development strength

Nova’s size is the biggest among all vendors. Besides developers in Nova have a range skillset which can perfectly support Shenlaizui’s needs.

imageShort project duration

This project had a very tight timeline. Since 80% of Nova’s employee are developers, the timeline could be met without risks.

imageRich development experience

With rich experience in mobile development and e-commerce solution, Nova could provide valuable suggestions to the client besides to delivering a software.


The client needed a multi-channel solution covering website, app and wechat to promote their brand and product.
imageclient required

The client required a special multi-level distribution system to recruit franchisers and stimulate sales.

imageBusiness settlement

Powerful reporting function is needed for the accounting department to settle with franchisers and analyze sales performance and profit.


The multi-level distribution system should grant different reward point to franchisers depending on the level of the franchiser and the performance of the franchiser’s sub-level franchiser. This feature places a high requirement on the accuracy and efficiency of the algorithm of the system.
imageEnsure data accuracy

No error is allowed when calculating the reward point, as one error may cause inaccurate numbers for other users.

imageTight construction period

The timeline was really tight. Functions on wechat, app and PC needed to be delivered within two months.

Client value


With the multi-level distribution system in place combined with the existing off-line channel, the sales of the company and its franchisers saw a significant increase in a short time.


Functions on wechat and app came out before those of the client’s competitors, giving the client a big advantage in the market.


The customized accounting reporting module greatly reduced the efforts of manual calculation and increased the efficiency of reporting analysis and statistics.

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