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New Oriental Chongqing School was incorporated on September 25, 2003. It is the tenth branch of New Oriental Education and Technology Group. From the very beginning of its establishment, New Oriental Chongqing School mainly focused on foreign language training. After many years of exploration and innovation, it has now developed into a well-known comprehensive counseling and training school covering five major categories, including English test domestic and abroad, practical English, pediatric general training and general middle school training. The main courses include TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT (American High School Entrance Examination), SSAT, BEC, CET4, CET6, Professional Level 4, PubMed, Intermediate and Advanced Interpreters, New Concepts, English for Foreign Students, Fast Facts, Professional English, Listening and Speaking Read and write all-round training, general training in secondary schools, POP children general training, VIP, business training and so on.

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Project Background

The schools are distributed in many urban areas of Chonqing, including Sha Pingba, Jiangbei, Yang Jiaping, Jie Fangbei, etc. It provide convenience for the majority of young students and people from all walks of life. At present, they have successfully trained hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the country.

However, due to the expansion of its business scale, the workload of personnel recruitment and new teacher assessment has become increasingly huge. The traditional manual operation method has the following disadvantages:

  • Inefficient
  • High error rate
  • Low accuracy
  • Failure in accurately control the details

Due to the enormous workload caused by its growing business, the client urgently needs a complete set of IT solutions to solve the urgent needs.


imageProject challenges
  • Tight schedule
  • Low budget
  • Project requirements are not so detailed and sepcific, it is difficult to get start.
  • The client is not professional enough in project management, and without technical background.
  • Many roles are involved, and the functions related with different roles are complicated.
  • All roles share a client, but each role has different functions and authorities.Different functional interfaces need to be displayed for different roles.


With a very short duration, we resort to iterative development method. Firstly implement the key functions for users to use, and to find problems in actual scenarios. Then adjust the implementing according to the progress of the project.
imageGain greater project benefits

We bring in the popular and mature open source Framework, which greatly saves labor and time.

imageProvide professional advice

We help client sort out their needs by using guidance technology, project manager joint conference review, prototype drawing and other methods. Besides, we also make use of the rich experience of our online training and assessment system to give advice and suggestions to clients.

imageTransparency of project progress

Through the transparency of our internal communications and weekly report, client can easily track the progress of the project and know how to work with the development team, without relevant professional background; Frequent meeting with client to confirm details and offer suggestions in each stage.

imageLet customers clarify business logic

Collaborate with clients to clarify each role's attributes, functions, interfaces, as well as clear the various roles in the business process prior to the relationship between different roles.

imageSupport mobile office

The mobile client obtains the user type after the user logs in, and initializes different functional interfaces accordingly.


Through the joint efforts of both client and Nova, the system officially launched in September , 2017

It is just the right time of business peak. Thanks to the strong assistance of this system, it greatly reduced the workload of personnel recruitment and teaching supervisor in the task of evaluating new teachers. It made all standards, and simplified details and procedures.


The original complicated work has been entrusted to the system in an orderly manner, with reminders at every crucial step. Therefore, whether it is personnel, program director or supervisors, it is easy to understand the specific proceedings that need to be done at each step and its standard.


Moreover, the mobile client gets staffs of different departments free from desks, which improves the timeliness and convenience. A large amount of desk work has turned into small confirmation keys on a mobile phone or even only reminder of SMS.

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