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Since 2005, we have handled over 1500 offshore projects for clients from US, UK, Australia and  Europe and have built a good reputation for doing solid, disciplined software outsourcing  work that is delivered within schedule and budget.

Why chose Nova as a development partner?

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Why Nova?

There are innumerous outsourcing companies all over the world. Among them, Nova has the advantages below, so you can choose Nova as your long-term and reliable outsourcing partner.


Nova’s History & Achievement

From 2005, Nova Software has been working in software outsourcing service for over 19 years.

Up to now, Nova Software has provided software development service (Web Development & App Development) to more than 100 SMEs spread over North America, Europe, and Australia. 94% of our clients choose to continue working with Nova after we complete 1st project. Some clients have been cooperating with Nova for over 16 years.


Nova’s Professionalism

As Microsoft Golden Partner, Nova Software guarantees high standard technical skills and development process. We are also actively contributing on many open source communities.


Various Technology fields

Nova has been specializing in Microsoft .NET development for over 9 years, and the majority of Nova developers are C# developers, utilizing SQL Server. But we are also good at other fields. 


Project Management

In the past years, Nova has accumulated extensive project management experience. 

For each project, we split it into iterations, which contain initial process, plan process, executing process, monitoring process and the close process. 



  • First, the project manager will discuss the project requirement;
  • Based on project details, we will recommend the most suitable developers;
  • The project manager will be the main contact;
  • Every project in Nova is planned on hourly basis. Daily plan and output is submitted to clients at the end of each day. You will monitor the team like your own staff;
  • PM tools, daily work report, daily Standup meeting, Skype, email for  daily communication;
  • Weekly report, scrum retrospective meeting, PM tools, Skype for the weekly communication.

Agile methodology development

  • Standing Up Meeting;
  • Monthly review Meeting
  • Iteration delivered;
  • Iteration & Daily building
  • Daily Report & Weekly Report;
  • More…

Nova’s Reliability

Nova Software has always been a promoter for integrity and transparency when serving overseas clients. When you work with our people, it just feels they are working on your site. We are proud to present ourselves as an honest software outsourcing company.

Recruitment & Personnel

When selecting employees, Nova follows strict selection criteria and procedure:


  • The candidate must be graduated from first-rate university in China;
  • The candidate must have bachelor degree or above;
  • The candidate must be majored in Computer Science or related subject;
  • The candidate must be fluent in both English writing and reading, and some of them is good at oral English;
  • Have passion for programming and being technical enthusiast;
  • Strong ability and desire to learn new skills;
  • Have good professional ethics, such as the respect for honesty, responsibility and cooperation.


Initial selection---written examination for technology and English level test----first-round interview ---- second-round interview ---- background investigation ---- get hired


In our work report, we will share the current project status, with our comments, thoughts and suggestions, whether the status is good or not. When one team member writes to you or to other members of the team, the rest team member will be in the cc list. This is helpful for our internal communication and project management. 

No Language Barrier

All of developers in Nova graduated from university and they are proficient in English writing and reading. 

Management & Experience

  • Nova serves oversea companies for over 9 years, all of its staff know well how to work with oversea clients.
  • Nova candidates received complete internal training before recommending to you.
  • Nova has a resource pool of 60+ developers, so a team can be quickly tailored to client’s requirement. Besides, Nova has a mature recruiting channel, which enables quick recruitment


Code Standard

We also have our own Data Base Coding Standard and C# Coding Standard. The documents will be provided upon request.

Service Response Time

Nova usually responds within 24 hours and the actual situation is much less than that.



Coevery is a framework based on ASP.NET MVC. Providing generic functions as well as management configuration UI, Coevery enables users to quickly build up website without coding. Coevery is especially suitable for websites that focus on management and analysis of business data such as invoices, orders, customers etc. Coevery is similar to Visual Studio LightSwitch and eXpressApp Framework.

From 2012, Nova developed Coevery completely by itself. In 2013, having registered Coevery officially, Nova now has the full Intelligence property on Coevery.


Testimonials & References

Some clients sent their testimonials to us after we successfully completed their project. Furthermore, some of our clients would like to be our reference. The specific ones will be provided upon request.

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