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Product Requirements Document Template

source from: internalpublish date: 2024年2月28日

The following is a template for Novasoftware to write a requirement.

Jira link: WUYERE-XXXX (add jira number link, can reverse jump to jira corresponding to the requirements, help to read the requirements document to reverse find the actual situation of the requirements at that time)


Table of Contents.

1 . Requirements
1.1 Original Requirements
2. Customer background
3. User scenarios (mandatory)
4. Requirements analysis process
5. Solution
5.1 Flowchart, Statechart
5.2 Function List
5.3 Scope of influence (the scope of influence must be written, need to be divided into whether to add, modify, or delete)
5.4 Description of field values
5.5 The current will affect, but not deal with the current situation
6. Prototype

1 . Requirements
1.1 Original requirements
(Here we put the requirements from the contract we got or the requirements from the feedback)

2. Customer Background
For customized customers, many times the point written above the contract is relatively vague, the product manager needs to communicate with the customer demand, find ways to guide the customer to provide more and more detailed information, which can help us better understand and provide the optimal solution. Of course, it is not necessary to understand the very clear and understand the demand points.

Common ones are:

1. Understanding the management mode: residential or commercial or park
2、Management mode: whether to sign a contract
3. Charging situation: what fees are charged, if calculated, how often they are charged, and whether late fees are charged, etc.
4. Data issues: whether it is brand new or has historical data

3. User scenarios (must be written)
S1 e.g Mr. Wang (who), a company employee, gets off work at 6:00 p.m. (when) (operator and its background information) and needs to take a taxi to go home (what) (operator's goal), and solicits for a cab in front of the company (where) (how), but he has been unable to solicit for a cab, and eventually walks two kilometers to the nearby shopping mall before he can get a taxi, and finds out that there are many taxis waiting to solicit for passengers in the vicinity of the shopping mall. Mr. Wang felt very depressed, why the resources do not match it (some of the operator's activities, feelings, etc.) Main


4. Requirements Analysis Process

(here to put some of the demand analysis process thinking or some of the process description, the product manager to solve the problem of ideas described clearly, it is recommended that the comb comb of "user scenarios" to write, such as a feature, why do so, to solve the problem of which scenario, to facilitate the review or the need for personnel to understand the thinking, the analysis process) (If you do not want to write it, you may not write it)

5. solution
(The solution only retains a clear, conclusive thing, so that the development can be implemented according to the instructions)

5.1 Flowchart, state diagram
(Here put flowcharts, state diagrams, put diagrams. In order to give the relevant parties to demonstrate the explanation, such as requirements do not involve the flow of sex, may not draw, release the document before the removal of the entry)

5.2 Function List
(here to put the list of functions, commonly used xmind organizing chart)

5.3 Scope of influence (the scope of influence must be written, need to be divided into new, modified, or deleted)

System initialization

Each tenant (purchased the function of the tenant) should be automatically initialized, do not need to do it manually after the sale
1 PC background Financial Management > Expense Report > Comprehensive Charge Rate Report Modification The cut-off date of the search area is modified from the existing selection of the month to the selection of the date, which can be selected to a specific day.
2 PC background Financial Management > Expense Report > Comprehensive Charge Rate Report New A new checkbox is added in the search area to show the charge rate, which is unchecked by default, and when the user checks the checkbox, the list below will show a charge rate after the charge item column.
3 Staff APP 
4 Applet New function module on applet side Added
Please update this document to state which authorization level (Guest, Registered User, Authenticated User) is supported by the new feature, and explicitly refer to this document in the scenario.
5 Owner App 

5.4 Description of field values
(Field values are described here. If it is a report, there must be a field description. (Non-report, there is no need for description can be removed)

Function menu

Field name



Customer Information

Customer Name

Text box; required; no more than 30 characters; spaces only are invalid inputs



Customer Status

Drop-down list

Potential customer, contracted customer, lost customer


Contact Person

Text box; no more than 30 characters



Contact Number

Text box; no more than 11 characters



Date of visit

Date selector



Source Channel

Drop-down list

Door-to-door, telephone, internet, referral from old customers, referral from peers, other


Sales Stage

Drop-down list

Initial communication, property selection, price negotiation, contract signing


Customer Requirements

Text box; no more than 50 characters




Multi-line text box; no more than 255 characters

Interested properties

Management Area

When all the room numbers in a management area are deleted, the management area will disappear.

Building/Room No.


Room Status

5.5 Situations that will be affected this time, but will not be handled this time

6. Prototype
(If there is more than 1 picture, you need to put the URL after axure release)

Special note, report type, complex and difficult to understand the description of the field must be placed in the form of a question mark in the table header.

(If there are icons, be sure to include links and other information, so that developers can not find)

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