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Since 2005, we have handled over 1500 offshore projects for clients from US, UK, Australia and  Europe and have built a good reputation for doing solid, disciplined software outsourcing  work that is delivered within schedule and budget.

Advantages and Concerns of Offshore Software Development in China

source from: internalpublish date: 2023年5月31日

Outsourcing software development to China has many advantages.

Cultural Advantages: Chinese workers are known for being hardworking and cautious, so they focus more on quality rather than exaggerating their abilities. They are diligent and take their work seriously, and are prompt in addressing any issues that may arise.

Abundant Supply: Due to the high number of suppliers in China, competition is fierce, and each supplier strives to improve their service quality while reducing costs to offer competitive prices.


However, there are also concerns that may arise before outsourcing to China, such as:

Intellectual Property Protection: Clients may worry about their intellectual property being leaked. Nova understands this concern and emphasizes the importance of protecting intellectual property in their contracts. Additionally, Nova has signed non-disclosure agreements with their employees in their labor contracts.

Communication Issues: Although English is not the first language of Chinese people, it has become a universal language, and most people in China can communicate effectively in English. Nova hires employees who are proficient in English.

Price Factors: The price of outsourcing to Chinese teams may be slightly higher than outsourcing to Indian teams, but the quality of service provided is worth the investment. Pursuing low prices may result in higher costs in the long run. Nova's location in a second-tier city in China also allows for lower employee costs, making their prices competitive.

Overall, outsourcing software development to China has both advantages and disadvantages. Nova Software has over 15 years of experience and has earned the trust of their clients through hard work and dedication. Their loyal clients include those from the United States who have been outsourcing to Nova for over 15 years.

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