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How to avoid introducing more bugs after modifying feedback

source from: internalpublish date: 2023年5月6日

Due to insufficient consideration of the scope of influence, it is very common to introduce more bugs when fixing one bug. PMO has received feedback from colleagues on this issue during many review meetings. How to reduce such problems?


We have summarized the following experience:

In terms of process

 After modifying feedback or bugs, developers should fully test themselves and verify all possible scopes of influence (this is the fastest way to find problems).

Write down the possible scopes of influence on JIRA to remind testers to perform regression testing.

In terms of personnel arrangement 

Try to arrange the person who originally worked on the feature to fix the bug because they are more familiar with it, reducing the probability of problems occurring.

If you have to assign different people to modify it, promote their communication with colleagues who have worked on the feature before (actively ask questions).

In terms of demand 

To fix the bug, you need to understand the overall logic; otherwise, it is easy to create new problems while fixing old ones.

In terms of technology 

How to accurately analyze which parts are affected by the modification?

Add unit tests; Search for global references to know where they are used; Different issues require different strategies, conduct problem analysis, and targeted solutions. Some problems may require solutions at the framework or design level.

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