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Lean Thinking and How We used it in Our Project

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Lean thinking is a management philosophy and methodology that emphasizes customer-centricity, extreme efficiency, and quality. It aims to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise by eliminating waste and improving value creation.

The core of lean thinking is to continuously optimize and improve the value stream and process to minimize waste and improve value creation. It defines value as the part that customers are willing to pay for and waste as activities and resources that do not bring value to customers. Lean thinking improves enterprise efficiency and quality by constantly mining and improving value streams, thereby creating greater value for customers.

The practical methods of lean thinking include identifying and eliminating waste, establishing extreme efficiency processes, implementing continuous improvement, focusing on employee participation and engagement, pursuing zero defects, and implementing visual management. These methods aim to help enterprises achieve efficient, high-quality, and high-value production and service processes, continuously improve and innovate, and meet customer needs and expectations.


What are some ways to achieve Lean?

Continuous Review
Review is to find out what is done well to continue to persist and what is not done well to keep improving.

Every bug, daily and weekly report, iteration review meeting, and project review meeting can be reviewed by everyone.

Continuous improvement
Even if the problems found in the work are small, as long as you continue to improve, you can accumulate a little to become a lot, from quantitative to qualitative change.

Quality First
Submitting faulty software on time is not considered on time. Customers will be more angry when they see poor quality software, and good quality will reduce rework, so it doesn't cost extra.

Therefore, we have to put quality first.

On Light System
When there is a problem, anyone has the right and obligation to pause and solve the root cause of the problem before continuing. If the problem is not solved and you try to "go on with injuries", the problem will be aggravated.

Eliminate half-finished products
Semi-finished products can be viewed from different perspectives, for example, if the contract is for a finished house, then a rough house is a semi-finished product, but if the contract is for a rough house, then a rough house is a finished product.

The accumulation of semi-finished products can cause waste. Early verification and elimination of semi-finished products can avoid the repetition of the same problem as early as possible.

Identify constraint points
Constraints may arise if you get stuck in a certain part of the workflow.

Constraints may be a specialist, a general member, a piece of equipment, or a process issue (for example, our testers are often the bottleneck);

Identifying and managing the constraint points can effectively prevent semi-finished products from piling up and thus reduce waste.

By making lists, you can avoid matters that are already known but easily forgotten; or issues that you do not know, but others already know;

Optimize workflow, tools
Optimized workflow allows people to work in an organized way, rather than doing a session and waiting for a schedule.

Optimize the tools for work (such as computers) to avoid unnecessary wasteful waiting.

Get feedback quickly
Use minimum viable products (MVP), such as prototypes, to get feedback quickly, rather than waiting to get feedback only when the software is made. Getting feedback quickly can be adjusted quickly when the direction deviates, avoiding greater waste.

5why method
Ask a few more whys to find and solve the root cause of the problem, rather than repeatedly revise the surface of the problem.

Reuse thinking
The accumulation of some knowledge, tools, methods, and capabilities, reuse, can create more value with less time, there are the following scenarios.

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