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Since 2005, we have handled over 1500 offshore projects for clients from US, UK, Australia and  Europe and have built a good reputation for doing solid, disciplined software outsourcing  work that is delivered within schedule and budget.

Nova Launched a Free Open-Source CRM Product

source from: internalpublish date: 2022年9月29日


In order to provide better service to all clients, Nova has built up a team to develop a CRM product, based on which customization and extension can be done according to clients' requirement.


After 9 months' efforts, our first product - Coevery has come out. Coevery is a free CRM product. The current version is based on Windows Form, but soon we will offer version based on ASP.NET MVC, as well as apps based on Android and Windows Phone.


For detailed information about Coevery's features and functions, you can go to , from which you can also download it and try.


Should you have any questions about Coevery, please feel free to contact us.


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