>       >    Need Total Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Need Total Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

If your outsourcing vendor fail to deliver what was promised, or missed the timeline which can seriously affect your business plan, that would be a disaster!

See how Nova has performed to ensure the high quality:

  • 1) 94% of all the projects we undertook have been successfully completed and 94% of our clients continue working with Nova after the first project was completed.
  • 2) No matter how small the team is, and whether there is a Project Manager involved in your project, Nova has a 3rd party to assist you to supervise and check your team's work efficiency, project progress and the quality of output. This 3rd party is named Project Supervision Team, responsible for inspecting the project team's implementation in order to find defects in the development or tough problems that are difficult to solve, putting forward solutions after deliberation with all the engineers involved, or making adjustment accordingly so as to ensure the final success of all these projects. The Supervision Team will update the results of each inspection on a continuous basis and report to the GM.
  • 3) Our enterprise vision is to be the most reliable software service provider for our global clients. We are pursuing this vision through keeping our promises, being honest with the clients, and guaranteeing high-quality output creating values for the clients, etc.