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Need Lower Cost

We understand that lower cost is the main driving force for the international transfer of global software industry. As a professional outsourcing vendor, Nova is always trying to reduce your cost without sacrificing the quality.

Equal quality, but much lower cost

China is credited in the industry for providing most qualified IT talents among outsourcing destinations. Meanwhile the labor cost is enormously lower than that in western countries. As per authoritative websites, as of Oct. 17, 2008, the average annual salary of US software engineers is $83,000USD while that of the Chinese software engineers is around $14,602USD.

Most Cost-efficient Resources in China

Nova locates in Chongqing, the biggest city in Southwest China. Programmers in Beijing, Shanghai and other coastal cities in China are paid higher wages than elsewhere. You will find our price structure attractively competitive.

Open Source Framework in Use for Cost Cutting

We have been using as many open source framework as possible to shrink your budget and save your cost, such as DotNetNuke, Web Client Software Factory, Microsoft Enterprise Library, NHibernate, Castle, jQuery, etc. Taking advantage of various open source projects, we can quickly implement features and accomplish the tasks. Moreover, most of the open source frameworks have been honed and polished for a long time, hence they are commendably designed. This merit can improve the stability and expansibility of system, and reduce the maintenance cost at later stage.