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What You Need

Every client has his own special need to contact us. Maybe you need the lower cost, additional resources, or professional development team. Nova would try to meet what you need.

Lower Cost

If you need lower cost, Nova's answers are below:

  • Equal quality, but much lower cost
  • Most Cost-efficient Resources in China
  • Open Source Framework in Use for Cost Cutting

Development Team

If you need development team to realize your business plan, Nova's answers are below:

  • We provide software consulting service
  • We will build an Offshore Development Center (ODC) tailored to your requirements
  • When development phase comes to the end, we can continue to provide deployment and maintenance services

Additional Resources

If you need additional resources for increasing demands, Nova's answers are below:

  • Nova assembles a pool of elites
  • Our headquarters backs up Nova at any time
  • China is abundant in software professionals

Software Professionals

If you need truly qualified software professionals, Nova's answers are below:

  • Nova guarantee to provide truly quality professionals with the some facts

Total Commitment

If you need total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Nova's answers are below:

  • See how Nova has performed to ensure the high quality