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Testing is a specialized functional area within the development lifecycle. Experts advocate that the testing environment should be separated and insulated from the development and production environments. This is critical in terms of maintaining the integrity of the test data, and can also speed the testing process along by allowing development and testing to occur in parallel. That's why offshore testing service came into existence and kept growing rapidly these years.

Along with globalized cooperation, outsourcing test gradually gets a viable and growing business model. The full range of Testing Outsourcing Services can help you achieve faultless performance of your products and systems while reducing testing costs by as much as 30%. Flexible to meet your individual requirements, Testing Outsourcing services can be based on a specific technology, a specific testing function such as Testing Planning, Testing Execution, or Testing Automation, or on a particular product or product line. Testing Outsourcing services also can help you gain competitive advantage by establishing your reputation for high product quality and on-time delivery.