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What did we have customizd and extended some impressive features?

POS Customize

Experience plays a significant role in customizing point of sale system. Only rich experience can help build a coherent and well-designed system for enhancements in future, otherwise when sometime you want to bring some new features, you'll get headaches.

What we have done

We have attempted to add some interested features to traditional POS system by particular clients' needs. Currently POS system can be used in wide areas such as, retail, restaurant and salon even club, bar, hotel and clinic which are not traditional areas. Customizing traditional POS system to meet some special business models needs a good requirement analysis capability and some industry background knowledge. There are some examples that we have done before:

  • Service reservation: Online register the classes / service for club.
  • Biometric log: Record customers' diagnostic / medical results and generate smart reports to track customers' status for gym.
  • Customer loyalty management: Extend common customer management feature to contain some loyalty features (different discount by customer type, earn credit point and smart reports).
  • online shopping cart integration: Integrate an online version web shop to sell products.

Brilliant business model will make you success, and smart & proper POS system that customized to meet your particular needs will help decrease cost and make things easy and fast, which is we can offer.

Who are we

We have acquired many experiences from many products based on different industries and have excellent staffs that are good at analyzing requirement / business models and designing system with an end-user view, and after focused on Microsoft .Net technology and related products / third party control many years, we have an ability to build a high customizability, extendibility, stability and flexibility system for you.

Please see the POS System Development page to know more about our experience and services.