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What's our quick solutions for integrating an online POS System?


One day one of our clients asked for integrate to an online POS system for his marketing purpose. Generally he wants his product include online POS feature, it will help his sales, besides we are busy to implement another big feature, so we figure out a quick workaround to meet this request – integrate to a mature online POS system.

Goal 1 & Solution

This lightweight and mature online POS system is PHP based, but our POS system is based on .NET technology. It seems it's impossible to invoke some APIs to make them work together according to our researches and attempts. When we areheadache, we suddenly findatricky possible solution. Using import and export functionalities of online POS system may meet client's request.

Goal 2 & Solution

This online POS system has an ability to import various productsfrom a csv file, first thing we needed to do is exporting our products to a csv file with the same format which is required by online POS system. Now the first step is completed, the online POS system can sell the products which are from our current POS system.

The second goal is deducting the sold quantity in online POS system from our stock in our POS system to make inventory be real. So we use exported csv file about sales of online POS system, and add a sync function to our POS system to sync the stock from this csv file.

During these quick workarounds, the first version of integration online POS system has been finish, this version is enough to release and help client make sales. In the future we can enhance the sync function to add more data about orders, customers and other statistic.

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