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How did we implement mobile version POS systems?


Today smart phone become more and more important in everyone's life, and more store owners want to provide awesome customer services to keep customer loyalty, apparently mobile POS is a big trend in whole industry. So far, we have the honor to participate in some projects which bring a mobile version POS app for our clients.

Web App

One client who develops a salon type POS system wants us to develop an IPhone app for his customers wants his customers can make some reservations in IPhone. Since we don't have much experience on developing an app based on IOS system in that time, after our research we suggest our client to develop a web app with an advantage and disadvantage compare list. Obviously the biggest advantage is developing a web app is easier to support to all major devices such as Android and WP instead of not only IPhone. And here some great framework shows up, which can easily help develop a beautiful web app. Finally we both agree to develop a web app based on Kendo UI.

After this product have been deployed to end-user, client and us faced feedbacks and located questions from end-user side together. In this time we made more changes for it to build a better and stable POS system.

Windows Phone App

Another client who owns a store wants to develop a Windows Phone 7 version app to manage and check his store status. Generally he needs a special and simplified version of back office. We decide to use Silverlight to build an app for our client, and then he can check his employees' work schedule, and check sale information and customer activities of his store and so on. The app is like the following screenshots:

Cross Platform App

  • Now our mobile development experience become more and more, and in today's market many cross platform framework showed up, which are based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technologies and make us develop more faster. And we have used them(Phonegap, Appcelerator, Moscrif, etc.) to build some apps(included some location based pos app) for our clients.
  • Please see the POS System Development page to know more about our experience and services.