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How we closely worked with our client to developed a POS system?

Our client was building a POS system fora gym club, and then due to the time and cost budget limitation, our client decidedto transfer most development workload to us after our capability, quality and service wontheir trust.

We had a very cooperation during the POS system development. According to our communications we both agreed to build a plan that included multiple versions and deliveries to build entire system incrementally. During implementing for the first version, since client cannot provide documents and then client and us have more "Agile" cooperation, we will go through our working together frequently and determine whether we missed some features or made incorrect implementations. Our client is the expertof POS industry, most of his suggestions and questions are coming from markets of the real world, For now we still remember what we learn from our client about this industry knowledge, such as:

  • "We need to sell and support gift cards payment type"
  • "We need to support 100% discount and product price can be set to zero so that customer can make flexible sales promotion strategies"
  • "What if the customer forget to bring his member card, and then we will keep him out?"
  • "What if the customer is sick and he cannot come to the service in time?"
  • "What if when printing the receipts, the printer has no paper left?"
  • ......

After this product have been deployed to end-user, client and us faced feedbacks and located questions from end-user side together. In this time we made more changes for it to build a better and stable POS system.

When our client sustains a stable relationship with his first customer, and then plans to move toward and wants to enhance this POS system to includemany impressive functionalities for the market and then our product will bring more opportunities. So that we have extent more features with proper, considered and extendibility solutions to current version. Each solution of functionality will be reviewed by client and by us and sufficiently discussed, both of ustry to achieve the same goal that's figure out an easier way for end-user and a better design for entire system. There are some examples of new features.

  • "We need to table management, and you need to think about this"
  • "We need to support a new payment method - installment since it will be very popular in here"
  • "Potential clients want to keep records for storing the customers fitness related information"
  • ......

Our client has strong confidence in our capacity and service, so his company can spend more time on marketing and sales stuffs and doesn't need to handle about development and project management things again. We both believe he will get more successes in the near future.

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