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Transparent Cooperation

Nova's cooperation with clients is open, mutual-beneficial and transparent. To be a faithful partner, we won't conceal any information about the cooperative project. We will do our best to synchronize our views on projects, share information, and discuss open issues. In addition, project plan and progress are transparent to clients all the time.

Initial Stage

At the initial stage, you are looking for a partner who will be responsible for your software. You hope the prospective partner can tell you about his team as much as possible, and as honestly as possible. Yes, this is what Nova can promise you. We disclose all information about our experience, technical abilities, even shortcomings of our team.

Cooperative Stage

At cooperative stage, Nova promises that we won't conceal any information about the project. Project Plan and personnel assignment will be sent to you for confirmation If the project progress is affected by unexpected incident, we will ask for your permission before adjusting the project plan.

Project progress will be kept transparent to you all the time. Work report will be sent on daily or weekly basis as required, so clients could constantly monitor the team members' performance.

In addition, if we detect any potential risks which may affect the progress, we will inform you with immediately and work out the solution with you. Likewise, when we see any potential problems on your side, we will point them out with no hesitation.

The sole purpose is to keep transparent cooperation between Nova and clients, eventually, to ensure the success of the project. We hope Nova can be your reliable offshore partner.