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Administrative Policies

To ensure projects to be successfully completed and improve the satisfaction of customers, besides to regularproject management, Nova also adopts several administrative policies which will be elaboratedbelow.

Regular Meeting

We hold internal regular meetings between every project leader on weekly basis, in order to:

  • 1Prevent and control the project risks;
  • 2Discuss and solve problems;
  • 3Share information and experience;
  • 4Notify the team members the latest status of the project.

Besides, regular meetings are held in each project team. Through this meeting, the project manager and other members can be updated with the exact status of the project. If someone meets difficult problems, he can get a solution by discussing them among the team.

Technical Exchange Platform

Nova supplies open technical exchange platform to our employees. There are four main parts:

  • 1Nova Repository, Technical Forum, Company Library and Nova Wiki.
  • 2Nova Repository is utilized to collect and share information, tools, excellent articles, e-books and open source projects.
  • 3The technical Forum provides a discussion forum for employees to share information, ask questions and get solution from other employees.
  • 4The Company Library holds books, magazines as well as journals and periodicals, most of which are concerning development and testing technology, as well as project management. Most of the books are bought by the company, while others are donated by employees.

Nova Wiki was created recently. It is mainly used to share technical articles at present.

Employees' abilities have been largely enhanced by utilizing this platform. Eventually, the overall technique level has been improved and Nova can provide stronger guarantee for product Quality.


A stable team composition is crucial to a software project. Nova adopts many measures to keep the stability of project teams. For instance, employees can communicate with their leader directly and freely, about any problems they could meet. In addition, Nova established cooperation spirits to make sure that all employees share the common goal; moreover, Nova supplies good benefit and appropriate incentive mechanism to spirit up employees.