Popular jQuery Plugins


JQuery Key Filter(★★★★★)

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Description: This plugin filters keyboard input by specified regular expression.

JQuery Mask Input(★★★★)

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Description: This is a masked input plugin for the jQuery javascript library. It allows a user to more easily enter fixed width input where you would like them to enter the data in a certain format (dates,phone numbers, etc).


Fresh and New jQuery Plugins and Tutorials
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Description: The PassRoids (love the name) jQuery plugin was designed to allow simple integration of password strength measurement and verification and display it in a simple method to the end user. Installation requires minimal js and css code and can be setup in a matter of minutes.

JQuery AutoComplete(★★★)

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Description: It has many options and is quite easy to setup in your page.
You can pass advanced options as a JavaScript object, hashes etc.
It's easily to edit the style of the dropdown result box, there are a couple of css classes.


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Description: Autocomplete an input field to enable users quickly finding and selecting some value, leveraging searching and filtering.By giving an autocompleted field focus or entering something into it, the plugin starts searching for matching entries and displays a list of values to choose from. By entering more characters, the user can filter down the list to better matches.


mcDropdown Preview
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Description: A unique UI control that would allow users to select from a complex hierarchical tree of options. We wanted this control to be intuitive and it had to allow for both quick mouse and keyboard entry




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Description: vTip is designed to quickly provide lightweight (706b js, 272b CSS, 270b image) tooltips, using jQuery any element with a class of "vtip" will have it's title attribute turned into a sleek, customizable tooltip without the klunk and loading time of a large tooltip script.


AD Gallery (★★★★★)

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Description: AD gallery is similiar in functionality to Thickbox and Lightbox, but much better. It is a smooth and feature rich image gallery plugin, its two main features are the various transition effects and the auto scaling of images.

Create Featured Content Slider(★★★★★)

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Description: Here you will learn how to create an intuitive auto-playing content slider.

jQuery Infinite Carousel(★★★★)

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Description: This tutorial will walk through the fundamentals of the effect and how to recreate the scrolling carousel that works in the same way as the carousel that is on the Apple Mac ads page.

Create a Slick and Accessible Slideshow(★★★★)

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In this in-depth tutorial, you'll learn how to create a usable and web accessible slideshow widget for your site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery).


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Description: The very cool looking MopSlider plugin is feature content slider that supports images, flash, html…almost anything.


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Description: Facebox is a jQuery-based, Facebook-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages. It's simple to use and easy on the eyes. Download the tarball, view the examples, then start enjoying the curves.

ThickBox (★★★★)

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Description: ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content, iframed content, or content served through AJAX in a hybrid modal.


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Description:ColorBox is a light-weight (9kb), easily customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery 1.3. It supports photos, photo groups, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content.

Menus & Navigations

Smooth Navigational Menu(★★★★★)

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Description: Smooth Navigation Menu is a multi level, CSS list based menu powered using jQuery that makes website navigation a smooth affair. And that's a good thing given the important role of this element in any site. The menu's contents can either be from direct markup on the page, or an external file and fetched via Ajax instead. And thanks to jQuery, a configurable, sleek "slide plus fade in" transition is applied during the unveiling of the sub menus. The menu supports both the horizontal and vertical (sidebar) orientation.

jQuery File Tree(★★★★★)

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Description: jQuery File Tree is a configurable, AJAX file browser plugin for jQuery. You can create a customized, fully-interactive file tree with as little as one line of JavaScript code.
Currently, server-side connector scripts are available for PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, and Lasso. If you're a developer, you can easily make your own connector to work with your language of choice.

jQuery Context Menu Plugin(★★★★)

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Description: a context menu plugin for jQuery. It was designed to make implementing context menu functionality easy and requires minimal effort to configure.


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Description:Its these amazing effects like these that will end up making Flash obsolete, all developed with jQuery and HTML5. The only downside to this plugin is that it can only only work on Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox 3.5 (only), as they are the only browsers supporting the Transform and Box-Shadow property of CSS3 via the -webkit- prefix. I suppose this plugin is glimpse into the near future of web development.



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Description:Accessible data visualization in HTML has always been tricky to achieve, particularly because elements such as images allow only the most basic features for providing textual information to non-visual users. With the development of the Visualize plugin you can now have a simple method for generating bar, line, area, and pie charts from an HTML table, and allows you to configure them in a variety of ways.


Small Rich Text Editor(★★★)

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Description: Small footprint, Cross-browser, Ajax Image upload, HTML Cleanup with PHP back-end rich text editor with all basic Rich Text functionality included.


jQuery Progress Bar(★★★★)

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Description: jQuery progressBar was once upon a time an animated progress bar for jQuery. Its was based on the mootools progressBar by webappers. Now, it is, by popular demand, some funky multi-colored progress bar that starts with a THX intro and launches jQuery fireworks when it hits 100%. No not really. Check it out though!

jQuery BlockUI Plugin (v2)(★★★)

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Description: The jQuery BlockUI Plugin lets you simulate synchronous behavior when using AJAX, without locking the browser. When activated, it will prevent user activity with the page (or part of the page) until it is deactivated. BlockUI adds elements to the DOM to give it both the appearance and behavior of blocking user interaction.

Clipboard plugin(★★★)

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Description: Clipboard is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to copy text in cross-browser fashion, using Internet Explorer's native method, and a Flash helper in other browsers. Compatible with jQuery 1.2.x and 1.3.x, requires Flash 8+ in non-IE browsers..

JQuery Corner(★★★)


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Description: Corner adorners are all the rage in web design these days. Designers say that plain old right-angle corners are so Web 1.0 now. However, some of the techniques to take the edge off corners use extra markup that is only there to support the decoration, which violates the separation of content and presentation. Now that's really Web 1.0 so we don't want to go there. Others use single-purpose rounded corner images or bulky JavaScript code; that seems like a high price to pay for beauty.