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QA Methodology

QA Methodology at Nova Software

The purpose of this white paper is to describe for our clients how the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) program in Nova is structured and how we ensure that the process is followed by every project team.
Iteration Review Meeting.docx

Iteration Review Meeting

Retrospect meeting will be regularly held at the end of each iteration, in order to sum up experience, and put forward suggestions on improvements, and eventually achieve continual improvement.
Daily Report

Project Daily Report

List detailedly each task working on today, and spending time for each task, so to make sure the work status is transparent to the client.
Weekly Report

Project Weekly Report

Summarize the tasks of this week, estimate the progress and quality, and feedback issues & suggestions.
Project Kanban

Project Kanban

Our major tool to manage project tasks and issues is JIRA, enclosed is the screenshot of Project Kanban.
Handover Plan

Project Handover Plan

Clearly describe the process of project handover,make sure of smooth handover of the project, so to reduce the loss caused by staff transfer to the lowest level.

Source Code & FOSS Projects

Coevery CRM


Coevery is a free Open-Source CRM application. For now, Windows Forms-based version is mature, you could learn our capabilities for architecture, coding, and UI design.
Nova Commons

Nova Commons

Nova Commons is an application architecture designed by Nova. Nova adopts a lot of best practices and well-known open source projects, making Nova Commons as the good base of all projects.
nopCommerce Payment Module

Paypal Express Plugin

Paypay Express Payment Plugin for nopCommmerce v2.65.
nopCommerce Widget Plugin

Back to Top Plugin

Back to Top Plugin for nopCommerce v2.70. Let your customers go back to page top easily and quickly.
DNN Glossary Module

DNN Glossary Module

The Glossary Module supports searching by keywords and supports browsing glossaries by first letter.
DNN FAQ Module

DNN FAQ Module

Compare with the standard FAQ Module, supports managing questions and answers in category, supports searching by keyword in questions or answers with category.