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Windows 10

Windows 10 Application Developers and Development Service With Best Performance by Nova Software

Why clients choose Nova Software?

  • Our developers have strong skills in C# XAML and special features for Metro Style Application development.
  • Windows App developers at Nova Software have over 10-year experiences of programming on .Net Framework platform and software outsourcing, they can communicate in fluent-English.
  • Nova has formulated quality project management, support after the final delivery, after-sales service, and in-time coordination, etc.

What we offer

Nova provide service of developing Windows 10 apps with a fluid, immersive experience. The unique Tiles UX & flat screen approach is ideal for tablets & mobile devices. Our developers can build, test and launch your app quickly.

  • Cross-platform solutions: Desktop, tablets, mobile apps
  • Build business app and publish it to windows app market
  • Migrate Windows Phone/WPF/Silverlight/Web project to Windows 10
  • Build the metro app in Windows 10 system
  • Application development based on XAML

Relative technologies

  • MVVM Light, a light weight MVVM framework for XAML
  • SQLite a SQL database engine running on device directly.
  • Microsoft Expression Blend
  • Data Synchronization

How We Do?

Business model

Project Tracking/Management

  • 1. Agile method while developing (SCRUM, XP)
  • 2. Iteration delivered
  • 3. Daily Report & Weekly Report
  • 4. Continuous integration & Refactor
  • 5. Transparent communicate to keep the progress up to date
  • 6. More...

Quality Assurance

  • 1. Unit testing
  • 2. Checklist & Self-testing
  • 3. Cross-testing
  • 4. QA guarantee
  • 5. More...

IP Protection

With a complete set of mature IP Protection system, Nova guarantees a high degree of confidentiality and security in every client's project.Also all clients' information remain strictly confidential. Nova will never sell or disclose any client information without authorization under any circumstances.

Our Skills

C#, VB.NET 100%
XAML 100%
MVVM pattern 100%
Azure, Windows Notification Service (WNS) 80%
Blend, Modern UI 85%
HTML5 + CSS3 90%
Javascript 85%


  • Outsourcing our website development to Nova has been the best investment for our company. At iRedeem we treat Nova as our business partner that adds value to our business needs.
    Edward Wu, iRedeem Inc
  • It was a pleasure working with your very professional team and I look forward to working with you again in the future! I will be sure to recommend your excellent skills and services to my business partners.
    Brian, Project Manager
  • I have today done extensive testing on our local/test environment, and plan to publish these changes to the production server and further test them there. However, so far, all tests are good. The work is excellent.
    Michael, Consultant
  • I have been using Nova Technologies now for over a year. Nova Technologies are fast and efficient; they make your back end web programming work so your business doesn't end up looking like a rear end!
    Trent, CTO

Pricing table

Level Experience Capability Description Rates
  • 2+ years' .net development experience.
  • At least 1 year's XAML experience.
  • A good knowledge of and passion for Microsoft technologies.
  • Understanding of asynchronous and multi-threaded programming, and experience in using them to create high-performance graphical applications.
  • Proficient in XAML, Blend, .NET, WPF/C# with an understanding of visual design tools.
  • Experience in creating or implementing custom controls, visual designs and/or themes
  • Constantly updating technical knowledge and skills by attending in-house and/or external courses, reading manuals and learning new applications
$15 - $17
  • 4+ years' .net development experience.
  • At least 2 year's XAML experience.
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming, MVVM Design Patterns, Web services. Adept at developing custom reusable controls, UI frameworks and libraries for use across multiple projects.
  • Practical experience in the full Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Strong design skills and the ability to work independently in a team setting.
  • Understanding of best practices, including resource localization, data templating and styles, and code organization.
  • Excellent capability of analysis and organization and superb decision making skills.
$18 - $22