WeChat is a product of Tencent in China. It has 1.1 billion users in China and has a large number of development needs. We are a software company from China with rich experience in WeChat development. At the same time, Nova Software is located in Chongqing, a city in southwest China, where the salary is only half that of Beijing and Shanghai, so our offer has a great advantage and can greatly save your development costs.

Established in 2005, Nova Software has been committed to providing high-quality offshore outsourcing service. We are practitioners of lean thinking, concerned much about customers' goals, and the value that our work brings to customers. Additionally, we always pay more attention to communication.

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Be sure to fully understand the customer's needs and ensure that every point raised by the customer is taken into account in the final solution.




The quality of products must come first. Products without quality assurance are uncompetitive and even useless, and we cannot accept it.




Firstly Our staff are very responsible, secondly we have rounded and strict internal quality supervision process and perfect after-sales service, so that our customers can avoid worries.

Free Pre-sale Consultancy on Solution

If you don’t quite know about WeChat market in mainland China, we can provide free consultancy to help you quickly sort out your needs. Includes

  • Consultancy for overseas business entities to settle in Chinese WeChat Market
    • Generally overseas entities register via WeChat official website, their WeChat official Account can only be available for local users, while un-available for users in mainland China. This violates the original intention for Chinese mainland users. We can assist you register the WeChat official account that meets your own needs.
    • WeChat Pay is another problem that overseas entities are facing. Because overseas entities do not have Chinese corporate payment accounts, Chinese users cannot pay directly via WeChat Pay. We have rich experience in solving this problem.
    • Is China server a must to ensure the access speed of WeChat official account and Mini Program? According to China's current policies and regulations, all domestic servers need ICP license, which is a long and complicated process to acquire. In this process, we can provide all necessary assistance to speed up the audit process and shorten the product launch cycle.
    • As a local company, we have a very deep understanding of the usage habits of Chinese users. In addition, we have rich experience in the design and development of various software, system design, user experience etc.
    • We have cooperated with foreign clients for many years, and we know the best way to cooperate with you. We believe that this can greatly help reduce the communication cost and improve the communication efficiency.
  • Best Consultancy for Business Solution
    • We will help you choose the best solution according to your actual needs and the actual situation of Chinese users. Customize the most suitable solution for you from user experience, system function, cost budget, product launch and after-sales maintenance, to reduce your product risk and enhance your product value.
    • We are a long-term and stable development team with more than ten years of software development experience and many years of practical experience in WeChat market. We have full confidence to make the most reasonable suggestions in technology.
    • Many clients can't figure out the difference between WeChat subscription account, WeChat service number and mini program, so there will be a lot of unreasonable designs in the process of requirements sorting. We will help clients adjust and improve the design according to the actual needs to ensure that the final plan is feasible and cost-effective.

Our advantages


Abundant case experience

Abundant case experience

With 11 years of software development experience, we have successfully implemented 100+ wechat projects. We have a set of complete solutions for interface integration and function development, so that your requirements can be realized more efficiently.


Worry-free after-sales service

Worry-free after-sales service

We provide 5*8 after-sales problem feedback, all issues will be responded in 1 hour, and you will have a dedicated project manager to communicate with you.


Personalized customization

Personalized customization

Tailor-made for you a set of exclusive Wechat marketing program, so that your marketing platform stand out from your competitors.


Exclusive development team

Exclusive development team

We have established a professional team of Wechat development to provide targeted services and create more senior Wechat marketing products. We can meet the customization requirements of the development of Wechat, and provide rapid and efficient project development.

Recent Project Portfolio


Mianyang Tourism Bureau

This is a sub-project of "Intelligent Tourism" in Mianyang City. It has the pages of introduction with pictures and texts of all tourist attractions and scenic spots in Mianyang City and navigation functions which can precisely navigate for users. The main functions of the Wechat version include voice explanation service, location navigation service, travel routes and strategies, and online purchase of tourism commodities.


Chang’an Ford University

Large-scale dealer training system for Chang'an Ford. The project includes PC version and Wechat version. By binding the username and password of PC, user can also operate in Wechat version, with the same roles and permissions as PC version. The main functions include three parts: information center, training and online interaction.


Nova Property Management system—Wechat Version

Owners can pay fees and inquire details directly through the Wechat end, report repairs, reminders of assignment, schedule inquiries, etc., which not only reduces the workload of property company staff, but also makes the interaction between owners and property companies easier. It greatly improves the satisfaction of owners, meanwhile make it much easier for the property companies to get the payable fees from owners.


Nova Auto-repair Cloud system- Wechat Version

This version is for both vehicle-owners and auto-repair plants. Vehicle owners can make reservations, inquire about repair progress, membership balance amount, receive maintenance reminders and so on. Auto-repair plants can use Wechat for marketing, customer referral, so as to attract new users. Improvements are made on the workflow of auto repair and user consumption records to make it more transparent. Enable Wechat self-service function saves valuable time for customers and helps maintenance factories to enhance user stickiness.

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    We have WeChat experts who have been developing applications/platorms for WeChat over 5 years.


    Work towards the client’s customized requirements, develop WeChat applications in all fields, and provide incredible high-end-quality solutions.

  • On time delivery

    We assure our clients of on-time delivery of project, as customer satisfaction is what we persue.

  • 24 hours support

    We provide 24 hours emergency technical support to our clients.

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