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Umbraco CMS is one of branches in our company's CMS businesses(DNN, Sitefinity and N2-CMS). Common knowledge base, such as Javascript/JQuery, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, css, html and Photoshop skills, are shared in the branches. Resources in the branches are integrated due to cost effective consideration for customers. We will go farther in the integration and hope to bring more benefit to our customers.

We have done many projects with good understanding and experiences in Routing, DataAccess layer and Presentation in Umbraco. Please go on for more information about us.

Our Services

Categories Service
HTML/CSS Umbraco based Templates/MasterPages development
Module Normal Asp.net user control carrying out complex business logic
Umbraco Xsl based macros for rich UI components
Umbraco Razor based macros for rich UI components
Portal Business requirement analysis
Agile Methodologies
Code structure based on Gof design patterns
WCF based web service development
Sql based development
Migration Migration of your old website from other CMS(such as: MojoPortal DNN N2 CMS ) to Umbraco CMS
Migration of an old PHP/asp/asp.net web site to Umbraco web site

Most Recent Completed Umbraco Projects

RadCombBox Replacement Development

The customer's site ran on an old Telerik Suite. As the IE 10 released, the RadComboBox was reported with a bug in IE 10. The customer reached us for solutions. We offered two options. One is to upgrade the Telerik Suite directly; the other is to replace the RadCombobox with other standard Asp.net control. Finally, the customer and our architect decided to select JQuery Plugin under MIT license as our solution.

A mobile site for coins

This is the web site for mobile device built on Umbraco CMS. The development and test lasted 6 days and closed successfully.

Multi-Lingual Umbraco Sites

Umbraco takes great advantages to handle multi-lingual requirements to those CMSs that are based on resource files(resx). Please refer to one of our comparison between Umbraco and resx system for multi-lingual features.

Know More?

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