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Silverlight Developers, Silverlight Development Services

As Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner and Silverlight™ Partner, Nova Software has adopted Silverlight in various projects. With our proven expertise, we are glad to provide our clients with customized services.

We offer services as follows

  • Rich Internet Application Development using Silverlight and WCF RIA Service.
  • Integrating Silverlight into existing applications to enhance interactivity.
  • JavaScript along with Silverlight to develop unique applications.
  • Audio and Video Integration using windows media streaming.
  • Website development along with audio, video and animation.
  • Migrating an ASP.NET Web Application to Silverlight.
  • Windows Phone app development.
  • Application development based on XAML.

Case Studies

We have completed a various Silverlight commerce solutions, see more case studies, also click the following book to activate the Silverlight mode to see case studies.

Silverlight Case Studies


We master the MVVM pattern and frameworks

Our developers have a profound understanding of the MVVM design pattern. As the most popular pattern used in Silverlight/WPF, it enables a separation of responsibilities on teams that are lucky enough to have designers and programmers, each can work independent of the other. It also produces clean code with better readability and maintainability. Furthermore, it tremendously improves the testability so that we can test the behaviors without involving the view. Currently the Silverlight app developed by us all takes MVVM as the client-side architecture pattern. We not only design customize MVVM framework on our own, but also have much experiences in third-party frameworks such as Prism, Caliburn and Light MVVM Toolkit.


We know third-party controls well

We have adopted various Silverlight controls in our Silverlight projects to present the content in rich and colorful forms. Among them are built-in controls, Silverlight Toolkit, as well as the widely used third-party controls such as Telerik, DevExpress, MindFusion, and ComponetOne.

WCF RIA Service

We are proved adept at WCF RIA Service

RIA Services provides a pattern to write application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes and custom operations. It also provides end-to-end support for common tasks such as data validation, authentication and roles by integrating with Silverlight components on the client and ASP.NET on the mid-tier. By Taking advantage of WCF RIA Service, our developer will work effectively and produce pithy code.

Entity Framework

We use Entity Framework to save time and cost

By Taking advantage of Entity framework, it will significantly cut down the development time and produce better designed code, it also simplifies the development work, even a less-experienced developer can work effectively on top of Entity Framework. We gained lots of experiences regarding Entity Framework, we adopt it not only in Silverlight projects but also in on other projects to help our clients cut down their costs.

Our skill set

MVVM frameworks


MVVM Light


Third party controls




O/R mapping

Entity Framework

DevExpress XPO


WCF RIA Service

Team structure

Level Experience Capability Description
  • 2+ years' .NET experience.
  • At least 1 year's Silverlight experience
  • Can develop Silverlight/WPF application by MVVM, Entity Framework, WCF RIA Service and third-party controls such as Telerik, DevExpress, ComponentOne and MindFusion.
  • Can comprehend module-level requirements.
  • Competent to take on the design and development task of simple project.
  • Can independently refactor and optimize parts of the system.
  • Can learn and apply new technologies at a normal speed.
  • 4+ years' .NET experience.
  • At least 2 years' Silverlight experience
  • Can design the architecture of ordinary-sized project;
  • Can guide a small team with 3 to 5 people;
  • Can master and apply new technologies quickly;
  • Can communicate with clients and clarify the unclear requirements;

Our Team Members

Click the picture to open the Silverlight mode to know more about our team members.