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Nova PhoneGap Development Process

Detailed descriptions are following the graph.
PhoneGap Development Process

Note: Items colored in orange need your participation in the process. Items followed by '$' need your payment.

1. Contact Us

You can send us as many resources/requirements as you have regarding your app. If you haven’t got detailed documents, you can just send us a brief introduction to your app. Nova sales will contact you soon and will arrange a consultant to discuss detailed requirements with you. This discussion is supposed to be about technologies involved in your APP. We will discuss if it’s technically possible, or if there is a better solution.

If you want to know more about our PhoneGap development service, you can read it here.

2. Quote & Contract

2.1 Quote

Once the consultant confirms we can do it, you can send us all detailed requirements and all other resources. The consultant will provide you a quote ASAP. During the quote, we may have requirements questions, so if you could help, that would be appreciated.

2.2 Sign Contract

If the quote is agreed, we’ll sign a contract which defines responsibilities of each side, and security issues. Then you will possibly need to pay a part of the whole price (details are discussed with Nova sales) and then the project is formally started. Learn 3 business models.

3. Implementation

3.1 Design in PSD

If you don’t have a designer, we can design the APP for you. The design includes styles, fonts, layout, etc.

3.2 Prototype

After the design is done, we’ll apply the design to a prototype project. A prototype project means it works almost like the final product, but it uses fake data. Such a project is used to correct requirements misunderstandings, and when it’s done, it should not change during development.

3.3 Implement Functions

Implement functions of the prototype project.

3.1 – 3.3 Client Feedbacks

We split the whole implementation into many sprints and we’ll submit each sprint to you when it’s complete. You need to provide feedbacks then.

3.4 Integration Tests

Our developers and the project manager will test the APP on different devices required.

3.5 Client Feedbacks

When we finished internal tests, we’ll submit the final version to you. If it’s a big project, we will submit sub-versions for sprints. You will need to test the APP and send us bugs/feedbacks.

3.6 Fix Bugs

We will fix the bugs reported by you. Normally there will be a few rounds of bug-report and fix between you and Nova.

3.7 Publish to APP Store

3.8 Publish to Google Play

Implementations are complete.

4. Sign Off & Quality Assurance

4.1 Sign Off

You will need to pay the rest amount this project, and the project is marked as signed off.

4.2 Fix Bugs For Free

After sign off, there is a period of time of free bug fix, normally it’s 1 month, but it can be different depending on the size of your project.

5. Close

It would be appreciated if you could make any comments on this experience. You can also introduce Nova to your friends if you like the service. Thanks!