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mojoPortal Developers, mojoPortal Development Services

is a powerful and open source CMS for .NET framework, which has a powerful content management and is easy to learn and use. It can support:

  • Multiple database server support. Interchangeable data access layer with support for MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, FirebirdSql
  • Crossing Platform, supporting both .NET platform and Mono platform
  • High running efficiency in the popularized .NET CMS systems
  • Host multiple sites on 1 installation and 1 database
  • XHTML Compliant Content Management
  • mojoPortal also runs well in Medium Trust hosting
  • Multiple language localization
  • Skinnable design

Nova's advantages

  • 1The consulting partner of the mojoPortal official site
  • 2Crossing platform working experience. We have experienced mojoPortal developers to do development in different platforms, Linux or Mac OS
  • 3A full spectrum of development. We can accomplish various projects from common data object design and maintenance to complex business process implementation
  • 4Good mastery of CodeSmith tool, RadControls and DevExpress ASP.NET Controls, which can sharply shorten the development time
  • 5In-depth quality assurance. Nova can develop mojoPortal module with MVP design pattern, ensure the development quality with unit tests and implement an automatic deployment of these modules with NAnt tools

We offer services as follows

  • Create skin based on design files or HTML
  • Customize module to meet clients' specific requirements
  • Create HTML Template based on design files
  • Build a whole website with mojoPortal

Our price

We only provide cost-effective service to clients. The sheet below is intended to give you an idea of the cost range for each module/skin:

Customization Complexity Example Hours Cost Range
Module Simple input and simple render
  • Google Map
4 $48-$80
With simple data input
  • Html Content
7 $84-$140
With complex data management
  • Image Galley
13 $156-$260
Skin Simple personal website Live Demo 5 $60-$100
Complex enterprise portal Live Demo 8 $96-$160