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DNN is the most widely adopted Open Source platform for building web sites based on Microsoft .NET technology. It allows users to build their websites/ applications with no or minimal technical knowledge. As a seasoned outsourcing company, Nova takes DNN Development as one of our core services and we have been focusing on DNN platform for more than 9 years. We have gained extensive experience on working on this platform.

What We Offer

Dedicated DNN Developers/Team
Dedicated DNN Developers/Team

Our DNN Developers are highly skilled, and we provide you with comprehensive solution tailored for any of your requirements. Our members are always learning DNN and acquiring up-to-date skills of DNN. Free Trail is always available.

Custom DNN Website Development
Custom DNN Website Development

We can help you build DNN website based on specific requirements from scratch or customize your website with new features to improve website usability. Feel free to contact us to get custom DNN website.

Website Conversion/Rewrite
Website Conversion/Rewrite

If you have a non-CMS website and want to convert it to DNN based website, don't hesitate to contact us. We have experience rewriting PHP/ASP/ASP.NET website to DNN based website.

Website Administration and Configuration
Website Administration and Configuration

We can help you with DNN Installation, Administration, DotNetNuke Migration and 3rd party Module integration and Maintenance.

DNN Module Development
DNN Module Development

Our DNN developers have extensive experience in DNN module development having implemented more than 250 custom modules in different version of DotNetNuke including latest version (DNN7). The team has expertise in building these solutions in both VB.NET and C#.NET.


We provide PSD/Image/HTML to DNN skin conversion and content filling service. We always do our best to transform your design into pixel perfect and cross-browser compatible DNN Skin and Pages.

Recent Works

Loyalty Web Program Developed with DNN Technology

This project is mainly about a multi-partner loyalty program that offers consumers more value for their buck. It enables members to collect points from many businesses and quickly collect points and use them towards gift cards for products or services of their choice.

Services Provided:
Custom Development, Website Administration, Deployment

Complex Web System Development with DNN Solution

We helped the client rewrite an existing PHP website using DNN technology. One of the challenges for this project is its complex business logic especially that we need to dig it by reading the PHP source code. The other challenge would be the SEO problem.We need to keep the same URL rules for the existing website, because it has already got some ranges for SEO.

Services Provided:
Custom Development(Skin & Modules), Website Administration

An Email Web System Based on DNN Platform

This DotNetNuke based website is mainly about user management, custom user profile management and newsletters. The brief functionalities include custom user registration and login, custom use profile management as well as subscribing/unsubscribeing a newsletter. Besides, we have developed a DNN scheduler to import/export the users' and a report to analyze new users.

Services Provided:
Custom Development(Skin & Modules), Website Administration

Custom DNN Modules Related to Payment

We helped the client with two custom modules and a set of skin & containers. The first module is used to display payment transaction history via an API offered by the client and the second is about account top-up, this module will directly link to relevant online gateway interface configured in the module settings.

Services Provided:
Custom Development (Skin & Modules)

Much more of our experience can be seen at here.

Latest Products

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The Sticky Footer module helps you add optional bottom link at the footer of each page, it's configurable ...
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Our Reference Sites

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Our Experiences

  • 9 + Years' outsourcing experience in DotNetNuke area, we have been dedicated in software development outsourcing industry for over 9 years and with the growth of DotNetNuke from version 3.X to 7.0+.
  • 40 + Clients from worldwide, our professional service has earned our clients' belief, most of them has become our regular customers and built long-term cooperation with us.
  • 30 + Finished websites, our team has solid expertise in installation and configuration of different versions of DNN website and web applications, including DNN modules and skins in an existing site/application and provide application-based solutions.
  • 250 + Finished customized modules, our DotNetNuke team has strong experience in different versions of DotNetNuke including latest version (DNN 6+). The team has expertise in building these solutions in both VB.NET and C#.NET.
  • 50 + Finished sets of DNN skins/containers, our DotNetNuke team has rich experience in customizing skins in DotNetNuke. We can implement W3C validation and purely CSS based DNN Skins. We can create custom DNN skin out of any design for any existing DotNetNuke website.
  • 5 + Industries, such as health care, environmental protection, lease, information consulting, service trades, etc. We provide client with proposal for product design.

Why is DotNetNuke First Choice for Your Project?

  • Easy to install and to host
  • Fully extensible and scalable
  • Clearly licensed under a BSD-style license
  • Constantly evolving through real world trial
  • Simply efficient and manageable
  • Priority on security
  • Fully customizable
  • Recognized name

Why Use Nova's Service?

  • Golden partner of Microsoft.Net
  • Highest Level of Security
  • In-depth Quality Assurance and Quick Turnaround Time
  • Prompt and Fluent Communication
  • Focus On Client's Satisfaction
  • Over 95% Successful Project Ratio
  • More than 35% returned customers
  • No Hidden Cost