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C++ Developers, C++ Development Services

C++ Development Services

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages and is implemented on a wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms. As an efficient compiler to native code, its application domains include systems software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video games. Now C++ can be worked with other popular programming language suitably, such as C#, JAVA, Objective-C etc. Nova specializes in C++ outsourcing development for 5 years.

 Why C++? Performance Is Money!

C++ Development Services

Given C++ allows building high performance applications, our software engineering team creates object-oriented C++ software that is highly efficient both in time, infrastructure capacity and investments. By leveraging proven best practices and proprietary know-hows we ensure not only ultimate performance, but also strong reliability and maintainability of the delivered solutions.

NOVA : You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

C++ Development Services

We realize your need to have a high-performance product. We know how to meet the requirements of heavy load systems when high performance is critical, but besides high-performance you also need develop fast and easy to build, like C#, JAVA, Objective-C etc. We support the mixed-language programming service. You can both get high-performance , fast develop and maintenance WITHOUT any risk about compatibility.

Progarm once, Multiplatform use!

C++ Development Services

Now, all the platform support C++ program. You only need to program once, then you can use the code in any device you want,only change a few of API

Professional Quality Assurance

As we all know, quality is very important,especially C++ project. In the development process, when the development is completed, we have very specialized testing teams to test your software thoroughly. As a company, Nova backups our C/C++ developers with:

Our competency

Nova services cover many domains like telecom, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, energy, high-tech, IT, etc. Within the given timelines and quality, Nova C/C++ development team provides the best services to prove their rich experience of project development and team management.

    Our Expertise

  • Functional programming
  • Mobile application development
  • Optimization algorithms development
  • Multi-core optimization
  • Technology consulting
  • Math modeling & applied mathematics algorithms development
  • Object oriented design
  • Embedded software development

C++ Outsourcing Services

We only provide cost-effective service to clients. The sheet below is intended to give you an idea of the cost range for each module:

  • Mobile application development with C/C++ (iPhone, Android, WindowsPhone8)
  • Embedded C/C++ development
  • Websit logic module development
  • Mac OS C/C++ development
  • Other C/C++ based software development
  • Existed C/C++ projects upgrading, maintenance, and technical support
Level Capability Description Hourly Rate
Junior Developer Have solid knowledge of OOP and good coding habit but lack of field experience in complex and large projects,can take on simple and repetitive work like simple website construction using CMS tools,needs to be guided. $10~$12
Intermediate developer with 1~2 year's experience Same capability description with junior developer, but have 1+ year of work experience and can work more independently. $12-$14
Intermediate developer with 2~3 year's experience Independently work on module-level tasks, participate in ordinary project,can communicate with clients via email, need guidance when working on senior tasks $15-$17
Intermediate developer with 3~5 year's experience Independently take charge of simple project, participate in complicated project under guidance, can communicate with clients via email or IM tools, can guide lower level developers $18-$21
Senior developer with 5~10 year's experience Project leader, have excellent requirements comprehension and communicating skills,can design the architecture of ordinary-sized or complex projects,can guide a scale of development team with 5+ members $22-$30