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Brief introduction to the ASP.NET Development Service, with over 8 years of Development Experience.

ASP.NET is a preferred technology recommended by Nova when you are hoping to develop a Web Application or Website, which is also the domain that we have been most specializing in. We are very experienced in the products related with ASP.NET, such as ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint, Sitefinity, DotNetNuke, nopCommerce, and others CMS Platforms, etc.

Nova Software is an reliable ASP.NET development company with solid expertise in related technologies. As a certified Microsoft application development partner, Nova offers custom ASP.NET development services to rapidly create rich applications. We have successfully delivered ASP.NET development service to many kinds of businesses all over the world from 2005. Nova has set up a professional ASP.NET development team which consists of 20+ experienced Microsoft Certified ASP.NET developers and architects as an experienced ASP.NET development company. This enables us to meet most of the ASP.NET development services requirements. With the latest technology trends and development frameworks, our ASP.NET developers and programmers utilize all the features and functionalists of Microsoft ASP.NET framework to deliver scalable and powerful applications and improve the user experience.

Our Competency

Nova has very high requirement on the quality of system/architecture design, and attaches great importance to developers' technical capabilities and talents. We firmly believe that our ASP.NET developers are fully competentespecially in terms of the following aspects:

Solid knowledge and practical competence

In addition to their solid knowledge and practical competence in .NET development, they have also extracted valuable experience and enhanced their professional expertise in other technologies closely related such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript from their previous projects.

Best practice & best performance

They know very well about various design patterns such as MVC, MVP, etc. Besides, they also have an insight into many protocols such as SOAP, REST, OAuth, etc.

All kinds of domains

We are very familiar with all kinds of web application development such as Blog, Forum, Wiki, RSS, etc.


  • "Outsourcing our website development to Nova has been the best investment for our company. By outsourcing to Nova I was able to cut production time and end up with a far superior result. At iRedeem we treat Nova as our business partner that adds value to our business needs. "

    Alberta, Canada

    Edward Wu
    iRedeem Inc

  • "Why we outsourced to Nova from China instead of Australia, not only because of their expertise or price but especially because of their Quality of Service (QOS). They have made our professional grade ResolutionsRTK people management website and responded our every query in fast professional and efficient manner and guided us from start to finish."

    Melbourne, Australia

    Winson Yang

  • "I have worked with NOVA SOFTWARE for the past year, and I can say that their work ethic is second to none, and that their product delivery is first class. Highly recommended."

    Cardiff, UK

    Paul Smith
    Yogi Creative Limited

  • "I have today done extensive testing on our local/test environment, and plan to publish these changes to the production server and further test them there. However, so far, all tests are good. The work is excellent."