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Searching Delivery with Windows Phone System

The interface of search delivery form is a web service which is provided by a third-party company. And the web service almost integrates the interfaces of all transport companies. The developer can implement search feature very easily. Read More

Coevery For Windows Phone

Coevery is a free CRM application developed by Nova Software which is a .NET focused software development company. In order to be able to support more platforms, Nova Software has developed a free CRM system based on the Windows Phone version. Currently the system supports only simple query function. Read More

Time of My Life For Windows Phone

Time of My Life is a free Windows Phone application developed by Nova software.It can help you calculate the time. At the same time you can use it to add some reminders task; when the reminder time comes, it will remind you automatically. In addition, you can backup and restore customized reminders. You can also have the same customized reminder when you change another phone by restore. Read More

PhoneGap Plan Management App

A PhoneGap application that manages plans for the users. It interacts with an existing CMS website and manipulates data via web service. This app is built to run on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. Read More

Store Management Windows 8 Application

As customers shop distributed over the country, the client needs a mobile application to manage stores, merchandise, customers, orders, and audit, and finally synchronize data to a central database. Read More