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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

A better approach combining automated and manual testing

For improving our testing team's ability and technology, we have adopted many measures during the past years, one of the successful cases is learning and using advanced software automated testing tools and testing procedure management tools in one project. Read More

Improve Performance via Measures

A US based company engaged Nova to generate a performance test report about their project. We help them find performance bottlenecks and reasons caused these bottlenecks. Read More

LoadRunner testing result analysis

This client is engaged in IT industry in Holand, the project is a social network website, it may enable the end user visually display segments of their real life. Meanwhile, there are some widgets in social network websites such as MySpace, Facebook, etc. so as to enable the end users make use of these functions provided by the widget. Read More

Test Automation

An American based IT company entrusted us with developing and testing a software product. The goal of test is to provide a useable product with least bugs at each release, so we introduce the test automation technology, and run the automation test script everyday when get off work. With the help of the test automation, we can achieve our goal easily. Read More

QTP for Regression Test

A UK based Software Company engaged us to test a product, it includes two parts: a web site for data collection and presentation purpose, in parallel a windows application for administers purpose. Our task is designing some documents such as test plan, test cases, and executing tests, finally, submitting related analysis reports to clients. Read More

Several kinds of tests for a web application

A UK based company entrusted us to test this project. It's a web application for government to collect data and calculate them to prioritize all the tasks. Read More

Two methods of designing test cases for a project

This project is a web application; it will be used to administrate these data of each ward in hospital. The main functions include adding or editing basic information of user and ward, editing kinds of patient data, arranging nurse routine work, generating many kinds of reports which would involve data of ward, patient, nurse, and so on. Read More