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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

PhoneGap for attendance system

The client is a university professor in United States and owns a studio of his own. In usual, especially in vacations, he will hold some training for the interest and for the course enhancement, like what his colleagues and friends are doing. Read More

PhoneGap Plan Management App

A PhoneGap application that manages plans for the users. It interacts with an existing CMS website and manipulates data via web service. This app is built to run on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. Read More

NodeJS with PhoneGap for the Hotel Management

A company wants to create one hotel management system, and using PhoneGap packaged the client to run on mobile devices, and there is one adminitrative site using the nodejs. Read More

PhoneGap Scheduled SMS App

A phonegap app that allows the users to create scheduled SMS. The users need to buy credits of this app from app store, as all SMS are sent by a server. Read More

PhoneGap Helpless Maze Game

HelplessMaze is a maze game powered by Nova PhoneGap Framework. You will definitely feel helpless when you play it. You don't know how large the map is, you don't know what's around of you. The key point to win is NEVER LOSE HOPE. Read More

PhoneGap Coupon App

A client from Canada wants to implement an app to manage users’ coupon information. Nova has developed the specific website with Asp.net and the service interfaces has already existed. Read More