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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

How a New York startup set up ODC in Nova

From this article you will see how a startup, which has not used outsourcing service before, utilized Nova's ODC (Offshore Development Center) service to develop an app that help the client rapidly seize huge market share. Read More

E-commerce solution for Moutai Shenlaizui

E-commerce solution for Moutai Shenlaizui, which includes Wechat and mobile app as promotion tool in channel distribution and direct sale. Read More

New Oriental Teacher Assessment System

The schools are distributed in many urban areas of Chonqing, including Sha Pingba, Jiangbei, Yang Jiaping, Jie Fangbei, etc. It provide convenience for the majority of young students and people from all walks of life. At present, they have successfully trained hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the country. Read More

Intelligent Access Controller App

The client needs a brand-new smart App, which uses nearby audio communication technology, based on the entrance guard app, to build up community property application, to let customer enjoy the modern smart life. Read More

Traval Guide App

The app is used guide user to traval the area, there are many spots, user can learn these information for spots, audio to guide user to traval all of spots. User can take some activities, buy some products for souvenir. Read More

Teacher evaluation App

The client is one training company, and provides the English learning training, and it's one tool help Department Manager to manage/evalute new teacher's working. Read More

Motorbike Travelling App

Motor Traveling, with Bluetooth, it connects the information from the motorcycle to get the real traveling data, record the travelling track, and to share with friends. Read More

PhoneGap for attendance system

The client is a university professor in United States and owns a studio of his own. In usual, especially in vacations, he will hold some training for the interest and for the course enhancement, like what his colleagues and friends are doing. Read More

white Spirit eCommerce App

The client wants to promot the white Spirit, develop more customers to help them sale product, rebate to clients. Read More

Women Shoppers App

The app delicates woman practical wear build, walked into a specially designed for delicate women tailored consultant channel of quality life. Fashion, beauty, home ,food, traval channels. Read More

Wedding Plan App

Wedding Plan App, which is one useful tool, and user can collect the wedding ideas, plan the wedding process, invite the guests, and share these videos and photos with guests together. Read More

Treasure trip App

Treasure trip is a used in the industries of collectables - autograph collection of mobile applications, is a collection of love, love, baby professional platform sharing, communication and discussion. Read More

xfarm App

The app is used to help farmers to manage their products, and update the information to server Read More

Social App

This App for social applications, through Facebook or Email to log in, find friends, update the status of the individual, with friends, share photos and news can focus on the dynamic of a friend, at the same time to participate in the activities of a friend, to break the ice, and other functions. Read More

Smart Community App

The client provides a series of smart devices for high-end residential owners , but these have different device interface, we develop a mobile application of the unified administration of these smart devices.At the same time, in order to meet the owner of the variety of life and the social demand, the APP also need to have social and life service function, become a owner's life assistant and integrated communication platform based on the neighborhood. Read More

Realtor App

It's one tool for realtor to manage the customer information, tracking the lead, according to customer's requirements, and display the report of house, from different aspects to analyze the recommend house, to recommend the suitable house. Read More

P2P Delivery App

The app is for the P2P delivery, and people can deliver some packages when they go to some places. Read More

Loan Assistant App

The client needs one tool to help loan managers to manage customers and loans, which uses the app to record the customer's requirements and create the load project, tracking the progress, and also provides a lot of userful tools to help Manager to complete works. Read More

Jewllery Custom App

This is one jewllery custom service, client provides one tool, and user can design the jewllery they wanted, and then it will create one order, the designer will create the jewllery based on the user design, and then deliver the product. Read More

Investment App

The app provides one easier way for customer investment, there is one evulation firstly, and then the application will according the score of eveluation to investment some projects. Read More


The client needs mange customers, improve the product sales. The converation will be recorded, to review the process to calling, and manager can provide some suggests for the salers. Read More

IRedeem Application

This application is developed for a web-site as terminal on mobile platforms. It’s implemented with Android.With this application, customers can use the cash vouch and promotions while they are buying something from the market. Read More

Localization For Media

In the Android application, Google has provided us with support for multi-language version. We can Easy make a different program shows different text (for example, English, Chinese, etc.). But there are a lot of the time, he did not meet our requirements. For example, in different versions, we need a different shortcut icon, logo, background picture or welcoming video. Traditionally, we will copy and alter code, then building the version to different user. We need a more complete, more in-depth localization, how do we want it? SBT + ANT + Linux Shell compiled automatically build APP can quickly help us achieve localized. Read More

PhoneGap Plan Management App

A PhoneGap application that manages plans for the users. It interacts with an existing CMS website and manipulates data via web service. This app is built to run on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. Read More

NodeJS with PhoneGap for the Hotel Management

A company wants to create one hotel management system, and using PhoneGap packaged the client to run on mobile devices, and there is one adminitrative site using the nodejs. Read More

PhoneGap Scheduled SMS App

A phonegap app that allows the users to create scheduled SMS. The users need to buy credits of this app from app store, as all SMS are sent by a server. Read More

PhoneGap Helpless Maze Game

HelplessMaze is a maze game powered by Nova PhoneGap Framework. You will definitely feel helpless when you play it. You don't know how large the map is, you don't know what's around of you. The key point to win is NEVER LOSE HOPE. Read More

PhoneGap Coupon App

A client from Canada wants to implement an app to manage users’ coupon information. Nova has developed the specific website with Asp.net and the service interfaces has already existed. Read More

Build App Base on Xamarin

This product user is a Australia network company, which provide digital circuit within the UK. And they using Xamarin to develop Appication on IOS, Android Read More

CaseStudy of SuperMarket App

In this case, we developed a product, which scan barcode or QRCode and search product online for customer at home. Customer can buy them online, and the supermarket will delivery the cargo door. Read More

CaseStudy of Housing Rental App

This product user is a British network company, which provide digital circuit within the UK. And they using Xamarin to develop Appication on IOS, Android Read More

CaseStudy of BookCity App

Book City is a mobile app for reading book on phone, user download book from book city to their “Bookshelf” and read. Read More

CaseStudy of Car Sales App

Customer is a 4s car shop, we need to build a app to manage car sale processes. Sales login to manage their orders, customers; customer also can looks the new product in this shop, comment etc. Read More

CaseStudy of Hall Guider App

Customer is a Ethnic Hall, they build this app for vistor. They place some QRCode at Key positions in the Hall. When vistor come and scaning the QRCode , they can browse the Hall Map on phone, and know where they are. Read More

CaseStudy of Highway Patrol App

Highway patrol work on highway for checking if there are fault somewhere.usually,they shoot a picture via phone and record detail on a book, and enty to a MIS when they get back to base. They need an app, shoot a picture, type some detail on the phone, at the meantime, push back to their fault MIS, they also can view recent falts, receive message from command center. Read More

CaseStudy of House Sales App

Customer is a Real Estate Company, we need to build a app to manage House sale processes. Sales login to manage their orders, customers, and Marketing control inquiry. Read More

Android 3D Push Box Game

This is a 3D push box game of Android application.The push box is a classic puzzle game .On your mobile phone will be very interesting to play. Read More

Android Google Cloud Messaging

Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) is a service that allows you to send data from your server to your users' Android-powered device, and also to receive messages from devices on the same connection. The GCM service handles all aspects of queueing of messages and delivery to the target Android application running on the target device. GCM is completely free no matter how big your messaging needs are, and there are no quotas. Read More

Daily News Application

A news reading application that based on Google News. Users can easily reading interest in news through the application. Read More