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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

NodeJS with PhoneGap for the Hotel Management

A company wants to create one hotel management system, and using PhoneGap packaged the client to run on mobile devices, and there is one adminitrative site using the nodejs. Read More

NodeJS for Online tickets sale management system

The client is a Ticket and Access Control System Service Company. To provide their customers a high-efficient and convenient ticket and access control service, the client requires an online ticket display and sales system. And based on this, they need integrate the par validation function for the Access Control System. Read More

HTML5 Based Online Lens Shopping System

An HTML 5 based application that provides excellent experice of online shopping. With the advantages of HTML5 here you can see much interesting effect within this application. Read More

Courses Tracking And Management System

Drivers may lose their driving license due to dunk or other reasons. They have to go through a serial of courses before they get their driving licenses back. This application is mainly used by the teachers and staffs of a company. The staffs manage the drivers, courses, teachers, invoices, and communications among them. The teachers see what they need to teach, and write drivers’ performances in class. Finally the company sends a report on the driver’s courses to the government. And the government decides whether the drivers can get their driving licenses back. Read More

Flash Map Project

An outstanding flash can bring the website or a B/S project to a higher level on user experience. A US client, a web studio wanted us to implement their design using Flash. Read More