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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

POS System for a Fitness Club

Client who has been developing creative and practical software in Netherlands requests a POS system in a very tight schedule, our solid experiences of XPO and agile methodology help us out. Read More

Hospital Information System

Client who is from a large medical facility requests a high customizability and complex system without any document and any past outsouring experience. Read More

Customized Application For A Consulting Company

The client is a Consulting company based in US, providing its customers with not only consulting services, but also software solutions to promote the productivity of companies and organizations. Read More

Activity Scheduling System

A US based company engaged Nova to develop a product for overall management purpose. This is the client who have been cooperating with Nova for the longest period, and already established exceptionally deep mutual trust with us. Read More

Narrowcasting network project

The client is Netherlands -based software house specializing in Taylor made software solutions, and building software to improve customer communication and business processes. Read More

Customer Analysis and enterprise management system

This application system serves for different sorts of enterprises’ needs. It is equipped with functionalities of customer analysis, inventory management and verification, sales and suppliers management, accounting control, project management etc. Read More