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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

E-commerce solution for Moutai Shenlaizui

E-commerce solution for Moutai Shenlaizui, which includes Wechat and mobile app as promotion tool in channel distribution and direct sale. Read More

New Oriental Teacher Assessment System

The schools are distributed in many urban areas of Chonqing, including Sha Pingba, Jiangbei, Yang Jiaping, Jie Fangbei, etc. It provide convenience for the majority of young students and people from all walks of life. At present, they have successfully trained hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the country. Read More

Activity Scheduling System

A US based company engaged Nova to develop a product for overall management purpose. This is the client who have been cooperating with Nova for the longest period, and already established exceptionally deep mutual trust with us. Read More

Kentico Corporate website for Remy China

With existing strong market presence in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, Remy China wants to build its online presence in China market. As an experienced web development company and Gold Partner for Kentico, Nova was appointed to help Remy China achieve its goal. Read More

Kentico Corporate website for HP Rewards

SYNNEX Corporation, a business process services company, provides business-to-business services that help our customers and business partners grow and enhance their customer-engagement strategies. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, and with operations in more than 30 countries, SYNNEX is an industry leader in IT distribution and customer care outsourced services, operating in two business segments: Technology Solutions and Concentrix. SYNNEX is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: SNX) and was ranked 198 on the 2017 Fortune 500 Read More

Kentico Corporate website for Country Care Group

Country Care Group is a national group of service providers that carry the full range of products required to meet the clinical needs of its clients. The group has a proven track record in delivering equipment solutions within tight timeframes to the DVA, Hospitals, Occupational Therapists, Health Care Centres and other service providers. Country Care Group consists of privately owned and operated businesses where the owners usually work within the business providing you with the highest level of service possible. Currently the group has over 80 showrooms and warehouses in various locations across Australia, and operate in excess of 300 delivery vehicles. Read More

Kentico Australian Business Chamber China

Australian Business Solutions Group helps small, medium and large companies become more productive, competitive and profitable. Our expertise and award-winning business solutions. Australian Business Chamber Chin wants to build its online presence in China market. As an experienced web development company and Gold Partner for Kentico, Nova was appointed to help them achieve its goal. Read More

iRedeem Website with DNN Technology

The project is an O2O Points Redemption website, integrating the offline business and online business. Users can get the voucher with the points earned through iRedeem website. Read More

Courses Tracking And Management System

Drivers may lose their driving license due to dunk or other reasons. They have to go through a serial of courses before they get their driving licenses back. This application is mainly used by the teachers and staffs of a company. The staffs manage the drivers, courses, teachers, invoices, and communications among them. The teachers see what they need to teach, and write drivers’ performances in class. Finally the company sends a report on the driver’s courses to the government. And the government decides whether the drivers can get their driving licenses back. Read More

DNN Twitter Integration -- Twitter Followers Management

Twitter and Dotnetnuke website integration, list all the specified Twitter account fans according to client’s conditions, allow user to make some fans to unfollow the account by force Read More

DNN Upgrade Website

A customer from US requested to establish a new official site. The client is a manager of an energy company, he needs a website to introduce and publicize the company. Client already has an old DNN site, but he needs to use new DNN version to do update, use new cover to change the appearance of the website, and publish to new server. Read More

Loyalty Web Program Development with DNN Technology

The client’s purpose is to set up an in-between points system between public consumers and a number of businesses who have partnership with their company.The consumers benefit from the product with rapid accumulation points and the businesses benefit from it with advertising themselves. Read More

Complex Web System Development with DNN Solution

A Canadian company needed to rewrite an existing property renting system which has been running for 3 years with DotNetNuke technique. Read More

Rapid Website Development Using N2 CMS

Recently Nova has been asked to use N2 CMS to construct websites for an Australian client. Besides to DNN, Nova now provides a new CMS service to our clients. Read More

Customized Application For A Consulting Company

The client is a Consulting company based in US, providing its customers with not only consulting services, but also software solutions to promote the productivity of companies and organizations. Read More

Light Weight and Rapid Website Development with N2CMS Engine

The client is an Australia Network Service Company providing CMS Project Hosting service with N2CMS. As the client has too many projects to finish them all in time, we were asked to take the main development work so that their development team would be absorbed in the business logic among the web sites. Read More

Fast rebuild shopping cart for an healthcare online shop

Based in US, The client is a direct response B2C company that focuses on radio and web advertisements. They primarily sell their own line of vitamins and supplements through their online shop. Read More

Magento Tryon Glasses Store

Tryon Glasses Store is a web store which is used to sell glasses online. This store is built on Magento. It gives customer the best user experience in selecting, trying on and purchasing glasses. Read More

nopCommerce Roast Duck Ordering System

Based in Denmark, The client is a direct response B2C company that focuses on Roast Duck Food. They primarily sell their own line of roast duck food through their online shop. Read More

nopCommerce DVDs converting services system

This system is to sell the services which can convert the DVDs or images to digital format. Customers can order the services to make their own video DVDs easily. Read More

nopCommerce works with ERP system

This project is the purpose to integrate the nopCommerce with customer's existing ERP system. The nopCommerce website gets customer data and products data from ERP system and after customers place orders, the orders are returned to ERP system, which makes the nopCommerce with ERP system perfectly. Read More

nopCommerce Print Shop

This is a web shop for selling prints, flyers and brochures. Customers can see the total cost clearly and order products with differents product attributes very easily. Store owners can manage the products, orders, product attributes settings. Read More

nopCommerce dog food shop

Based in UK, the client is a professional company providing eCommerce web shops and other types of websites. As the client has too many projects to finish them all in time, we were asked to take the main development work so that their development team would be absorbed in the business logic among the web sites. Read More

Integrate nopCommerce with Xero

This project is the purpose to integrate nopCommerce with Xero by building a plugin. This plugin runs with a scheduled task to import customers/address and orders/payments etc. into Xero software. Read More

A website for Life Science industry

Based in UK, this client is a consulting agency providing service to Life Science industry. The client needed a comprehensive website portal comprising various functions such as website inquiry, user register, events searching and content management. In addition to successful implementation of these required functions, Nova also enhanced the scalability and maintainability of the product to a great extent. Read More

Media Server

The client wants users to upload media files to their personal profile for other users to view and comment. Read More

Gaming Backend Management System

A gaming backend management system that based on the EAV database design. Read More

Social networking website development

Client for this SNS is an investment company based in the Netherlands. Since SNS become more and more popular and profitable on the Internet, the client decided to develop an eye-catching SNS which should be convenient and user-friendly to attract massive potential users. Special requirements for this SNS are: The user can add his/her events of their lives to the system; then the system will turn the events into a line presented by Flash. SNC can also interface with other social network websites, like Facebook and MySpace, so users can easily use this system when they visit Facebook and MySpace. Read More

Migration from ASP to ASP.NET

A UK based software company engaged Nova to migrate and upgrade their ASP website to ASP.NET website with additionally added features. Complying with the client's requirements, Nova delivered website with better designed architecture, and strengthened the extensibility, maintainability, and security of the website to enhance its performance in the long term. Read More

Highly Integrated Microsoft CRM with DNN Site

The client would like to take DotNetNuke Framework as their public portal site and had been looking for a DNN outsourcing service provider to implement this. Besides, they also wanted to integrate their Microsoft CRM service into the public portal site. Read More

Property management system project

A UK based Software Company asked us to create an Asset Management and Estates analysis system. Read More

Integrated Release Management project

Client for this software product is an Austrian based IT company. The goal of this project is to provide a minimal framework that implements all the necessary processes required for Configuration Management and Release Management, integrates and uses the existing software applications which are already presented and in use at the client side. Read More

Providing message system for an Australian global housekeeping website

An Australian customer has a Global housekeeping umbraco website TheBestAupair, it has a Message System modules, but unfriendly interface, imperfect, the customer give us a good UI design and the achieved functions, let us for secondary development. Read More

Nurses and wards Management System

The client approached us to create an Acuity and Dependency (AD) application to log AD data from wards. The logging of data was based on a set of rules defined by the Association of University Hospitals. The management will utilize AD data to make decisions by creating series of reports which are intended to analyze the impact of both qualified and unqualified staff on the patients. Read More

Update Online ERP To ASP.NET MVC4

Update the online ERP with Asp.net technology. Improve the efficiency and maintainability. Customers in the original system put a lot of resources, is a valuable asset. Use of new technologies to upgrade existing sites, so that the original resources are reserved. Develop new features efficiency greatly improved and original features have also been greatly improved maintainability. Read More

Building applications on dynamic NAV through Web-API

Dynamic NAV is highly adaptable and rich with feature which enables companies to manage their business. By encapsulating the NAV web services with Web-API, we can easily build web, mobile and WCF applications. Read More

Customer Analysis and enterprise management system

This application system serves for different sorts of enterprises’ needs. It is equipped with functionalities of customer analysis, inventory management and verification, sales and suppliers management, accounting control, project management etc. Read More


The client is a professional company that provides the flight monitor and record service for the pilot and airline company. This client has a whole set of system, which contains several subsystems, recording and managing the flight history for the pilot, as well as providing certificate and associated airline company information. However, this legacy system is very buggy and its performance was required to improve for the increasing clients’ needs. Meanwhile, it needs more extension on function and mobile part. Read More