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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

Company Website based on Sitefinity

An Australian company wants to integrate all current online services and applications into a new website with easy to use functionality. Read More

Affiliate System

A Canada customer wanted an affiliate system which will be integrated to the completed main site to constitute an endless promotion network, every user on the network can view their location and his subordinate network Read More

Web Development with Sitefinity

The customer is a professional network service provider, who wishes to develop an e-business service website. He provided us with some business data tables, storyboards and some basic design (PSD format). We did sufficient analysis on those given materials, and implemented the relative business logic and UI, and integrated into a Sitefinity CMS website. Read More

Sitefinity Web Development Intergrated with RESTful WCF API

A Sitefinity web development intergrated with RESTful WCF API, Facebook Authentication, custom membership provider project. Read More

Sitefinity Automatically Manage Advertising Phase3

The client is a Canada company, and they have a website which was developed based on Sitefinity. This project is the third phase of the existing website. The client provide a storyboard to us. We worked as IT department and mainly focus on implantation the functions which were described in the storyboard. Read More

Sitefinity A Financial Market Website

A Financial Market website implements content management and display functions. It load history data from outside data source and displayed as graphic data. It integrated search function for outside Web service request and single sign on function. The client is from UAE, and this site support English and Arabic languages. Read More